What is meant by Worker’s Compensation?

Worker’s compensation is a kind of the insurance coverage that will be given by the organization to those employees who have got injured or died during an accident occurred in their work place. This helps the employees to recover their medical expenses and lost salary.

Nowadays, accidents became very common during working at a work place, therefore you should take the help of Coral Springs workers’ comp attorney in order to recover your compensation. Workers’ comp attorney will helps you to recover your medical expenses and lost salary from your company.

In this article I will explore about what is worker’s compensation and how many forms of compensations can be given to the employees. So let’s have a look.

What steps should be taken before buying workers compensation?

Here is the step by step process that every employee should follow before purchasing worker’s compensation:

First of all you need to understand that what kind of business you have.

Now it is up to you to make the decision on whether you need to set up the worker’s compensation policy for your organization or not.

In Addition, in case you own a business that have minimal risk of injury such as a news agency or a grocery shop than you do not need to set up this compensation for your workers. However, in case you own a factory or a construction business then you should definitely establish this workers compensation policy for your employees.

What kind of compensations benefits are given to the employees?

The forms of compensations benefits are as below:

Medical Treatment Compensation benefits.

Such form of compensation is given to those employees who have got injured when doing his/her work or when they are ill or requires immediate medical treatment.

Injury and Illness Compensation benefits.

Such form of compensations is specifically gives to those employees who have not recover from their injury or illness even after completing 1 year and 6 months of getting medical treatment with the help of medical treatment compensation given by the company.

Decreased Worker Compensation Benefits.

Such form of compensation benefit will be given to those employees family who has been died during their work.

Lump sum amount will be given to the family of the decreased employees.

Disability Compensation Benefits.

This form of compensation will be provided to those employees who have become physically disable due to the accident occurred during their work.

The disability compensation benefits are given in two ways: Disability compensation degree (disability pension) and disability compensation lump sum based on the extent of the disability. However, disability compensation for veterans is calculated in a slightly different way – you can click here for further information if this is something that you are interested in.

Long-term care compensation benefits.

Long Term Care Compensation is a long term care benefit which is given to those employees who have severe disability and those who receives an injury or illness compensation or disability compensation.

Such type of compensation take care of an injured employee expenses for a longer period of time, you will be given this compensation on monthly basis.

However, you are not eligible for this compensation in case you are already receiving any health care facility.