Types of Employee Hiring Strategies to Try for Your Company – Most employers post their open job positions on job search sites, like Indeed, LinkedIn, or Glassdoor. There are also several other ways that you as a hiring manager/employee recruiter can recruit employees for your business. Some of these ways many companies have already been using, while others are relatively new, but still are very effective at recruiting employees.

#1: Career Sites

There are different types of career sites, and they may sound like they’re the same thing as a job search site. Career sites are pretty much the same as job search sites, except that they’re job search sites that are specifically for a certain career, or similar careers. An example would be a job search site that lists jobs for physicians such as neurologists or pediatricians. These career sites are much more targeted than traditional job sites, but not necessarily less saturated. However, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, meaning that there are more opportunities to find better job matches.

The other type of “career site” can be found right on your company’s website. Many business websites have a link (usually found at the bottom of the home page) that says “careers” or “jobs”. This is like having a job search site right on your own website, completely tailored to your specific needs. All of your open job positions can be listed right on your website, and the most dedicated job seekers are the most likely to follow the link.

#2: Event Marketing

Companies can use event marketing for promoting products and/or services, but also for promoting the company itself. Similar to job fairs, event marketing affairs provide descriptive information on not only job opportunities, but also on the company itself. Make sure your event is as informative about your company as possible, as you are marketing your company towards potential employees.

When thinking about holding this kind of event, you should ask yourself the basic questions: why, who, what, when, and where. Why are you holding this event? Who is your audience? What kind of event will it be (job fair, meet and greet, etc.)? When will it be held (weekdays, evening, etc.)? and where will it be held?

#3: Recruitment Marketing

Recruitment marketing is similar to event marketing, except you don’t have to hold an event. Many companies have worked with recruitment agencies to help them come up with a hiring strategy to help companies with their recruiting practices. Recruitment marketing uses techniques to present your company’s work culture and entire brand as a whole to entice potential candidates to apply to your open job positions.

Recruitment marketing is also a part of another strategy called talent acquisition, which is how to attract, screen, and hire individuals who fit with the company’s brand. Literally, the goal is to attract and hire the best talent for a company.

#4: Social Media

Social media is used for so much more than just connecting with friends and family. Several businesses have jumped into the world of social media, not just for advertising to customers, but also to potential candidates. There are billions of people using some form of social media every single day, so it is important for companies to have a strong social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. With the proper marketing strategies targeted towards job seekers on social media, you’ll be able to find qualified individuals to work for your company.


All of the same marketing strategies that companies use to attract future customers can be used in the same way to attract future employees. Instead of marketing your products and services, you market your company’s vision, mission, and values in order to attract candidates to apply to your company. There are several different ways that this can be done, and it’s important to find which techniques work the best for your company.