Artificial Intelligence is about to change our lives forever. Remember that time when the Internet used to feel like you are entering space?. Well, you will remind yourself of this feeling pretty soon, when AI will start affecting your routines. There are many Artificial Intelligence technologies currently under development. And there are even more producers of AI technology. You can find online in places like Inside Tech some products with basic Artificial Intelligence already applied. The race to introduce them to the public as fast as possible already began. Here are the top three AI technologies you should be familiar with.

Emotion recognition

The technology is all about reading and interpreting human emotions. To achieve that, AI uses advanced image processing and or audio data processing. This technology is used by law enforcement during interrogations.

Deep learning

Deep learning platforms are a form of machine learning. It is based on a duplication of the neural circuits of the brain to process data and create patterns for decision making. This unique piece of technology has algorithms that use artificial neural networks. One of its many applications is the ability to predict anything that can be sensed in the digital world.

Speech recognition

It is used to convert human speech to communication that can be processed and understood by machines. The transformation and transcription of human language into a useful format is witnessed fairly often nowadays and is growing rapidly.

These are three top AI technologies, but there are more. If you want to get in front of everybody with your tech knowledge, follow the latest Artificial Intelligence trends. AI is also a career opportunity if you feel like you can contribute to tech development, do it. See the world change right in front of your eyes. Be part of the AI movement.

Top 3 Artificial Intelligence Technologies By Experts