Many entrepreneurs will advise that having a strong brand is detrimental to the success of any business. Starting a new brand starts with register company name and having a good business logo. A logo grabs attention, it’s the first impression people have of the business, it’s the foundation of the brand identity, it secures brand loyalty and it separates businesses from their competitors. We have gathered a step-by-step guide to help entrepreneurs needing to start their own brand.

Step 1: Determine the type of logo design and style that best suits the industry and business idea

Brainstorm what the purpose is of the businesses and what one would like to achieve with the logo. The logo should be unique, easy to read, identifiable and it should reflect the businesses purpose. Beneath are some aspects to think about when choosing or designing a business logo:

Logo Design Branding

The logo design should clearly show consumers what your business is all about. It shows people what they can expect from your company. For example a cake shop can use a cake, or something that resembles it, in the logo.

Logo Design Colors in a Brand

Colours are known to spark different emotions in people. Think of the emotion one would like to trigger in customers. Black is portrayed as professional, inviting colours are red, orange and pink. Relaxing colours are blue, green and purple. So choose the colour of the logo wisely. Make sure it stands out and is easily read and seen.

Logo Design Accessibility

Make sure the logo’s font is easily readable. Also make sure that the program one uses or the logo designer sends the logo in a format so that it is usable on a variety of products like business cards or t-shirts.

Step 2: Design a unique logo with TRUiC’s free logo maker

Many business owners spend a lot of money paying designers to design and make their logos. This has changed as more and more free logo designing programs have made their arrival on the internet. This ensures that business owners can design their own logos without spending so much money, it is efficient and fast. One should however be very weary of which free logo designer one uses. We have identified TRUiC logo maker as one of the best. They have many templates and unique designs, the best is… it’s free!

The different types of logo options TRUiC logo maker has to offer are the following: Text-based logo design, this option is used when the logo is focused on the company name; Text and Graphics logo design is an option used for companies that can be described by a symbol like a coffee shop; Icons vs. Symbols are used when the business owner does not want to make the logo so obvious, a computer store can use the icon for a computer as its logo.

Step 3: Generate a free logo design online for the business

After choosing the designs one can download the logo and save it. TRUiC’s logo maker allows entrepreneurs to download and save for free where other logo makers might charge you at this stage. Make sure the logo is saved in the right format. SVG format is great as one can enlarge, minimize or crop the logo without it losing its quality. It is a good idea to save it in PNG format as well as PNG can be used on all websites and programs.

Step 4: Conduct a logo design trademark search

When using a logo maker or a designer, make sure to do a trademark search with the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office). This will ensure that the chosen logo is not in use with another company and is safe to use in the businesses area. This will also indicate if the logo is unique or not.

Step 5: Bring the logo design to life through business marketing materials

Now start marketing the logo. It is important to get the logo out there as much as possible. Get the logo on letterheads, banners, business cards and email signatures. Should budget allow it, one can also put the logo on products to clients, apparel or packaging.