How to Start a Business Amidst a Global Pandemic


As the world begins to return to normal, it’s finally time to start that business you dreamed up during lockdown.

For any entrepreneur, there are a great deal of steps to keep in mind before the big opening day. But you’re not just any entrepreneur; you’re part of a generation of individuals at the beginning of their career who has to account for the social hardships brought by COVID-19.

The week of a company’s launch is usually an important indicator of what works and what doesn’t.  “Under normal circumstances, filing last-minute paperwork, getting the business or storefront presentable, and hiring loyal workers are stressful in themselves.”

Also, you have to remember that prior to starting any business you need to legally start your LLC first. And that’s in itself is a separate and not always an easy task.

Luckily, there are dozens of companies online that can form an LLC for you. One of the best-rated companies is ZenBusiness. However, there are a lot of other alternatives as well.

Starting a new business is exciting, but preparation for a week that can make or break a business is overwhelming and requires strict organization and contingency plans. To make your entrepreneurial experience as seamless as possible, here are some things to do when opening a new business in an uncertain world.

1. Hire a Great Team

Your sales team should consist of carefully selected employees. Recruitment agencies around the world employ the best in sales to match up with their respective clients. The agencies understand what you, the client, need to run a successful business and have a roster of expert salespeople ready to be deployed. When you look to hire quality talent for your up-and-coming business, recruitment specialists set you up with the best possible fits.

You can rest assured that you’ll find the perfect fit for your business without the long, tedious interviewing process. Creativity, attention to detail, and the ability to remain calm under stressful circumstances are essential.

Employees recruited by specialty agencies will have already been vetted for these important characteristics that employees must demonstrate during a pandemic.

2. Prioritize Online Marketing

Don’t skimp out on the marketing. There are many ways to market your business through social media, word of mouth, e-commerce, and the wonders of networking. Online methods need to be at the top of your to-do list if you’re going to be successful.

Setting up and organizing a website gives consumers ease in shopping, especially in the socially distanced world of COVID-19. This will also give your customers more opportunities to shop with you, whether its online or in person.

3. Take Advantage of Competition

With stark market conditions comes desperation amongst the competition, who will do anything to stay afloat. The key to success in this department is knowledge. When you study your competitors, you are minimizing risk. An oversaturated market will require more work because there is far more competition to deal with, which in turn means more opportunities to learn.

You’ll need to produce a product or service that stands out from the others and has something unique to offer. The more information you have on your competition, the more effectively you can counter or one-up whatever clever tactics they may have up their sleeve.

4. Differentiate Yourself

When you start your entrepreneurial journey, it will quickly become apparent that many companies are already offering a similar service or product. New businesses come and go all the time, so you need to know what makes yours unique. You can try a number of strategies to make your business stand out, such as:

  • Using bright, eye-catching colors for your logo and company aesthetic
  • Narrowing your market
  • Providing yourself on excellent customer service

5. Heed All Health & Safety Protocols

As mass vaccinations roll out worldwide, it’s essential to be aware of all health and safety protocols that your business should follow. Sales cannot happen if potential staff and customers feel unsafe in the kind of environment you offer. The World Health Organization (WHO) has created a series of measures to decrease the transmission of COVID-19. Some of the steps include:

  • Spacious, well-ventilated workstations
  • Strict office or store space occupancy caps
  • Staggered meal breaks
  • Physical barriers
  • Mandatory indoor masks
  • Safe physical distancing

After all, safety is the most important element of any business model in 2021. With safety comes success, and with an eye to the new norms of the pandemic, you’ll surely flourish in your industry.