Effective SaaS Marketing Tactics


Marketing Software as a Service (SaaS) products can be tricky. It is not the same as marketing other tech products. Marketers need a detailed understanding of customer needs and hosted software.

This article outlines valuable SaaS marketing strategies that can help. Read on to discover marketing tactics that can grow your subscription business.

Provide Limited Options

As mentioned before, SaaS marketing is different from other marketing types. This article highlights how a SaaS marketing agency differs from other marketing agencies.

For example, it can be a good idea to offer customers as many different product options as possible. This is not the case for SaaS marketing.

When selling your product, it is better to provide a limited range of options. Doing this simplifies the selection process for buyers. It makes it easier for customers to choose a subscription.

Mailchimp, for example, provides users with different features in their software. But, they only have four plans to choose from, making it easy for customers to decide.

As with several things in business, keeping things straightforward can pay dividends.


You must optimize your blog posts for high-value keywords. Moreover, you should also evaluate your website for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

SEO can help drive leads into your sales funnel without having to rely on ads. But, SEO cannot nurture leads into customers, which is why you need a lead nurturing tactic.

The goal of SEO is to boost your rankings to get into the top spots of Google search, which is why using specialized services like SEO for SaaS companies is effective for tailoring your audience.

The first crucial step is knowing your customer and researching keywords. Next is reviewing your content to improve your ranking.

Do not forget that backlinks are essential to your search engine ranking.

Look for ways to improve your domain authority through high-quality links. Run A/B testing experiments for insight that allows you to make informed decisions.

Introduce Discounts

Discounts and deals are essential to your SaaS marketing strategy. They show prospective buyers that they can get higher value by doing business with you.

Discounts can also help in upselling and cross-selling.

But, make sure you only provide discounts on occasion. Otherwise, buyers will stop looking at them as a special offer.

Make Signing Up Easy

If you offer a free trial, make sure that buyers can sign up quickly.

In SaaS marketing, too many complex steps can slow the process. Look at your signup process and check if you can do something to simplify it.

Be Upfront About Prices

Some SaaS companies only show the price of the plans they offer upon request. Doing this makes it tough for site visitors to see how much their service costs.

The idea is to pique the visitors’ interest in the service before showing the price. But, hidden prices can hinder customer acquisition.

Hidden prices also show a lack of transparency, which can be frustrating for buyers.

Hiding prices makes prospective buyers suspicious. This can waste the efforts you put into the other areas of your SaaS marketing.

Offer Free Trial

Free trials are the pillar of SaaS marketing. It is a common tactic among SaaS marketers because it works.

A free trial helps prospective buyers understand how your solution works. It also shows them if your product can solve their problems.

These are valuable SaaS marketing tactics that can help you sell your SaaS solution. With these tactics, you can find your subscribers growing as you address the needs of more customers.

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