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Open Joint Stock Company Mobile TeleSystems (MTS) is a leading telecommunications operator in Russia and the CIS countries. And also, the combined subscriber base of the company, excluding the subscriber base of MTS Belarus, is over 100 million subscribers.

The company provides high-quality services for voice communication, data transmission, and also high-speed Internet access offers new tariff plans and innovative services that meet the diverse needs of a wide range of private and corporate subscribers. Thanks to the extensive network coverage area and roaming agreements, MTS subscribers stay connected in almost all countries globally, and Internet roaming is available in more than 200 countries.

Short Description – MTS Assigned  TIN 7740000076

PUBLIC JOINT STOCK COMPANY “MOBILE TeleSystems” has an authorized capital of 199,838,157 rubles. The organization PJSC “MTS” was registered on March 01, 2000, at 109147, CITY MOSCOW, STREET MARKSISTSKAYA, D. 4. The main activity is “Activity in the field of communication-based on wireless technologies,” additional activities 16 pcs.  And also, the organization was assigned TIN 7740000076, OGRN 1027700149124, OKPO 52686811.

MTS Assigned  TIN 7740000076  – Communication And Ecosystem Of Digital Services

Actual news about tariffs and communication services and new products of MTS: digital applications for work and leisure, TV and also media, financial services, technologies for launching and promoting a business, and other company benefits.

The Success of MTS Assigned  TIN 7740000076

Today, MTS is successfully transformed into a multiservice data-oriented company, providing subscribers unique convergent products and services based on advanced technical solutions. In addition, MTS offers fixed FTTB / FTTH solutions in more than 180 Russian cities and uses its retail network to increase the penetration of subscriber devices to access the Internet, developing its own branded line of available smartphones.

It is engaged in the sale of phones and accessories. Each model presented here is unique and differs from others in design and a set of functions. Local managers-consultants strongly recommend: when choosing a device for yourself, do not neglect convenience. And also, it should fit well in your hand because you will probably have to use it quite often. And also for lovers of long conversations, they can offer a device with a powerful battery. In addition, you may need various accessories. An incredible number of them have been released to date, aiming at people with different tastes and preferences. For example, car enthusiasts may be interested in universal holders, hiking enthusiasts – portable chargers, music lovers – wireless speakers.

Details of the Company MTS Assigned  TIN 7740000076



INN: 7740000076

KPP: 770901001

OGRN: 1027700149124

OKPO: 94918916 FFSM 04715-A

Address : 109147, gorod Moskva, ulitsa Marksistskaya, d. 4

Phone : +7 (495) 911-65-55

And also, Contact details : Fax +7 (495) 911-65-69

Trademarks of the Company MTS Assigned  TIN 7740000076

The company public joint stock company “mobile TeleSystems” has trademarks, the total number is 156, among them a step ahead, mts live arena, update package, mtc mts money, good good ok ok good’ok, jeans mts mts lab, logic line multi, second memory, people at work, supernol o! o! 0! super zero-tariff, mts vr-fest, omlet, to be better every day, easy to see, all mts, logic line center, comstar komctap comstar direct, course for the future, mts letter, mts letter office, mts celsium,, mts tarif x, mts for own, pushka, mts search mtspoisk, workzen vorkzen, interneshka, logic line office, mtc mts mts, mts your business, smartpet, regen mts money, mts media, mts afisha, in the team, mts, omnimaster, redquest red quest, smart morning, Legal address mobile telesystems, extract of the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, analytical data, and also the organization’s financial statements are available in the system.

Reliability of the Company MTS Assigned  TIN 7740000076


Pros + 100

The company has been operating in the market for 21 years + 7

More than 110 branches in 76 regions +1

And also, Significant authorized capital (199.8 million rubles) + 4

Minuses – 6.9

The bankruptcy of affiliated companies – 1

The decline in sales – 2

And also, Potential debt problems – 2

Quick Reference

Marksistskaya, 4.  President of the organization PUBLIC JOINT STOCK COMPANY “MOBILE TeleSystems” Nikolaev Vyacheslav Konstantinovich. The main activity of the company was  Activity in the field of communication based on wireless technologies. Also, MTS, PJSC works in 17 more directions. The size of the authorized capital is 199,838,158 rubles. MTS, PJSC  register at  109147, Moscow, st.

The organization consisted of  114 branches and 33 established companies. And also, has 434 licenses.

MTS, PJSC took part in 23083 trades, 14379 of them won. The primary customer is Glonass, JSC. In the courts, the organization won  62% of the proceedings as a plaintiff and  19% as a defendant, lost  6% of the proceedings as a plaintiff, and also 29% as a defendant.

PUBLIC JOINT STOCK COMPANY “MOBILE TeleSystems” assigned  TIN 7740000076,  KPP 997750001,  OGRN 1027700149124, and also OKPO 52686811

In a state of reorganization, valid from 01.03.2000.