Promotional Marketing Campaign – Marketing promotions are necessary for modern businesses like yours today as they leverage your brand to make them sell in the market faster. The speed of product and service acceptance will be increased through the help of different promotional marketing campaign gimmicks. And in these events, one of the proven-effective strategies is to prepare promotional merchandise.

Such branded items have existed long ago and are going to be staple strategies in business marketing industries. In perfect marketing conditions, you’ll be able to convert sales, earn more leads, grow your brand awareness, and create brand loyalty. This is the best sales support you can ever invest in for your business.

Having said that, here are the must-have items you need to include in your promotional marketing campaign.

1. Beer Coasters

Beer Coasters

One of the unique promotional merchandise you can think of is beer coasters. They’re pretty useful, and every household needs them to keep their table smooth and scratch-free.

Your brand or logo can be printed out on the front side of beer coasters, and every family member, their relatives, friends, and guests would be able to see them while they come over to their homes.

Beer coasters can come in different materials, but it would be ideal to choose cork, an environmentally friendly component. An entire establishment can be advertised with these promotional items.

Make the most of beer coasters by giving them out during trade shows and events, especially when the occasion is related to food and beverages. Even if your business is in that same industry, beer coasters effectively show off your brand and, at the same time, use them to protect surfaces and collect drips and spills.

2. Pens

A branded pen has been a mainstay in the promotional merchandise sector for many years now. Considering how everyone typically uses a pen in their work and daily lives, promotional merchandise like this is popular and simple.

An impression can be made even with the most basic of pens. They can be distributed to offices and organizations that use a lot of manual paperwork and forms. Clients, patients, and employees would look at the pen they’re using, giving your brand unlimited time exposure and recognition.

Because people receive so many free pens and the like from marketing campaigns, they rarely buy pens. The key is to be competitive and ensure that your pen offers better features and quality than other branded merchandise. It’s best not to settle for printing the logo in front; you can add more information too. Perhaps you can have your company information and tagline added to the space available.

Aside from these details, you should consider the quality of the ink. This is the most crucial aspect that allows users to use or dispose of their pens in the trash bin. Ensure that your pen comes with a good quality ballpoint and solid ink colors that will last them a long time to use.

3. Tote Bags

Another promotional merchandise gaining momentum in recent years is the tote bags. Promoting your brand with tote bags is an effective way to get people carrying your name around town. Imagine how much exposure your brand can get when one person heads out to different crowded places in one day. This is the best brand advertising you can ever have, free of charge.

Another advantage of tote bags is that they’re pretty affordable, allowing you to earn more discounts if you get them made in bulk. Tote bags are also green and will earn the approval of other environmentalists. Because of all these features, this reusable shopping bag will surely become your customers’ favorite. You can either hand them out as free merch in your store or sell them for a minimal fee while they shop.

4. Branded Fabric Face Masks

Recently, people have been accustomed to wearing facial masks in their daily lives. While some countries no longer require these, there are still many people who prefer to protect themselves from surrounding airborne bacteria and diseases. You can turn this into an advantage on your end by handing out free branded fabric masks as promotional merch.

It’s safe to say masks aren’t going out of style anytime soon, so they’re both a good promotional product, and a product consumers need and want. The key is finding a good quality fabric that’s strong enough to protect the nose and mouth from exposure to external elements. You can have these masks massively produced to cut production costs. Hand them out for free during events, and you’ll reap the rewards soon after.

5. External USB Drives

While many businesses have shifted to cloud computing regarding data storage, others still prefer to carry out external hard drives in case they need to store or transfer data from one gadget to another. Hence, a promotional memory stick or USB drive remains a favorite of marketers looking for innovative and timely giveaways.

You can simply showcase your brand name or logo in front of the USB drive, and people who’ll use or borrow your tool can see your business easily. This is undoubtedly an extremely useful piece of merchandise that can be used across all industries to transfer data easily. This is even more helpful for remote workers since they can store the data on the tool without accessing the internet.

Needless to say, having everything you need available at all times is much easier with a memory stick.


Promotional merchandise in your marketing strategies is very important. But you should remember that every business, industry, and customer is different. Therefore, it’s crucial to find those items that will make an impact and sell to your target audience. Hopefully, you’ve gained some ideas from the suggestions above.