5 Best Productivity Apps for 2020


Best Productivity Apps – The world is obsessed with productivity. We all want to know how we can do things faster and with less effort; Improve our time management skills, and lead a more productive and satisfying life. The eight productivity apps recorded in this blog post will help you achieve these goals.

We’ve compiled our personal experiences and conducted detailed and in-depth research to put together the best productivity apps for 2021. Investing in just a few of these tools is sure to make you more efficient. So without further ado, let’s dive in!

For the determinations of this blog post, a productivity app is any piece of software that makes your job easier and allows you to get more work done in less time. Some of the applications listed below are not “productivity applications” in the traditional sense. But each one is worth having, and if used consistently, it will save you hours of precious time.

After reading our list, we encourage you to sit down and think about which areas of your life you would like to be more productive in 2021. Then, get the app (or apps) that drive support you get there.

The Best Productivity Apps You Requirement In 2020

5 Best Productivity Apps for 2020

The following 5 best productivity apps will style you more effectively in some way.
Before we begin, we must keep in mind that although our list number, the location of the applications does not reflect their importance. That says the first app is no better than the last. The numbers make it easy to track this post. Clever?

1. CloudApp

We may be biased, but CloudApp is de facto # 1 with a nearly 5-star rating from our 4 million customers. A very intuitive visual communication tool that can save your team up to 56 hours per week! The only difficulty is deciding how you are going to use all that extra time.

Whether you are communicating with a colleague, a customer, or a customer, CloudApp’s free screen capture tool for Mac and PC, screen capture, GIF creation, and image annotation help you get your point across faster. Don’t bother writing long and complex emails; show people what you want to say.

CloudApp is the best productivity apps that you need in your business software suite. Three million users, including industry giants like Uber, Facebook, and Adobe, can’t be wrong. Fortunately, it is incredibly cheap.

The free Repeatedly plan will get you started. For extra features, subscribe to an upgrade plan for just $ 9 per month.

2. Lucidchart

Lucidchart’s features enhance your productivity by providing high-quality visual creation with simple keyboard shortcuts or a quick mouse click.
To use the tool, only create a custom document or choose from several templates to get started. Then with hundreds of shapes, colours, and the option to add layers, you can quickly launch your images.

However, Lucidchart is more than just a personal productivity tool. It can also use to keep your entire team on track. Collaborate within the software simply by tagging team members. Smooth communication enables faster work.

Lucidchart is free for basic features, $ 7.95 per month for individuals, and $ 9 per month (per user) for a team account with the best features. You can also connect Lucidchart for an enterprise-level quote.

3. Calendar

Do you want to save more time, be more productive, and focus better? Look no additional than Calendar, the innovative tool to add to your stack.
This AI-based productivity app continuously learns for you, saving you time and effort as you plan your day, week, month, and even year. The best part? The more you use it, the more appreciated it becomes.

With Calendar, you can let anyone pick a time and book a meeting with you right in the app. And you don’t have to worry about overselling, as Calendar automatically protects you from concurrent meetings

Also featured on CNN, Inc, Forbes, and Entrepreneur, Calendar, you can dig into your calendar analysis to find ways to maximize your productivity and save more time.

Getting started is very easy. Just go to Calendar.com and follow the sign-in instructions. You can get started for free or access additional features with a monthly subscription

4. HubSpot CRM

HubSpot CRM was designed from the ground up to be ready for the modern world. Intuitively and automatically, where other systems are complicated and manual, HubSpot CRM takes care of all the little details – recording emails, recording calls, and managing your data – saving valuable sales time in the process. It consistently values as one of the best small business CRM software products.

Here are the reasons why HubSpot CRM is the number one choice for small businesses:

  • Manage your pipeline and never miss a deal.
  • Find and focus on making the tracks warmer.
  • Use our confirmed email templates or create your own.

HubSpot CRM is always 100% free and natively integrates with other essential free features for small businesses: email marketing (up to 2000 emails/month), scheduler, forms, email tracking, live chat, generator Chatbot, Dashboard, Contacts, and Management pipeline.
Clients: Wistia, Atlassian, InVision, VMWare.

5. Lax

You heard about Slack. The unicorn company, currently valued at more than $ 20 billion, is one of the fastest-growing companies of all time. Big companies like Target, Oracle, and Airbnb use the app regularly because it’s an incredible productivity boost.

If you’ve not ever used the tool before, it’s a communication app that varieties collaboration easy. Email is excessive for many things, but it can be challenging to talk to coworkers. It’s too relaxed for messages to get lost or hidden under a mountain of other emails.

With Slack, all your office communication is prepared and searchable. Different channels can create various projects, departments, and clients, and team members can connect and disconnect from conversations as needed. It means that they will not receive notifications about discussions they are no longer participating.

But Slack is more than an alternative to email. You can too share documents, video chat, and show GIFs from within the app. To increase productivity, integrate your other tools like Google Drive, Dropbox, SalesForce, and CloudApp. Plans range from $ 0 to $ 12.50 per month per user.

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