How Product Tracking Has Changed the E-commerce Industry? – With an estimated $905 billion in online sales in 2022, it is clear that many customers like to shop online, and this type of shopping is becoming the new normal for a lot of people. If you have launched a digital storefront, or have plans to do so, you will need a solid plan to reach as many customers as possible, providing an easy-to-use interface and competitive shopping experience. You may need to contact a fulfillment center such as ShipOffers to set up orders or even optimize your current business operations to meet your customer’s demands.

Every business owner with an e-commerce site wants to find the right strategy to maximize their profits, and a little research and attention to a few pivotal data points can be enough to make this happen. One strategy that has changed the world of e-commerce is product tracking, allowing customers to watch where their package is and find out when it is likely to arrive.

Many of the big names in e-commerce are already using this tool, and any e-commerce business owner who wants to carve a niche in their industry will do the same. Here are some of the impressive benefits of product tracking, which has revolutionized the e-commerce industry.

Product Tracking Builds Trust

One of the key benefits of utilizing product tracking in your e-commerce business is that it helps establish customer trust in your company. When you offer product tracking, you are adding transparency to the whole transaction, and customers love open honesty. When a business puts everything out on the table, the customer feels like they are safe working with them, rather than the competition.

Even if customers do not use the product tracking option, they feel reassured knowing that it is there, and should they need to know where their package is at any given time, they can opt for it. While not all small e-commerce websites offer this benefit, it can be worth your time to add this layer of transparency to ensure  that customers can see where their products are at any given time. As a small business, building trust and rapport are important to convert customers from one-time to recurring purchasers.

It Reduces Some of the Costs

Having product tracking can help you to minimize some of the costs that you face on a daily basis because you will have fewer customers calling to ask where their package is, taking some weight off the shoulders of your customer service team and allowing them to focus on other duties. Tracking can also identify when a package arrived, creating a paper trail that saves hassle when someone calls to say that their item did not arrive.

As a business owner of an e-commerce website, you need to keep costs as low as you can. Using some of these product tracking options can make that easier to accomplish, and when you reduce some of your costs, you can grow your business and enjoy more of the profits along the way.

Provide Better Customer Service

As an e-commerce business, you need to provide the best customer service to each and every one of your customers to stay competitive. You also need to offer as many of the deals and perks that have become common among the big companies,  if you want a shot at converting the consumer. Sometimes even little touch-ups can make a difference and make the consumer feel special and important to you, bringing them back for additional custom and spreading the word about your company.

There are many ways you can improve the customer service you provide to your customers, but a straightforward method that will really make customers happy is to provide product tracking. The added security allows them to buy with confidence and improves their experience with your storefront. They will have a better experience working with you too, and that always pays dividends, especially when seeking customer reviews. Many shoppers take the time to shop around and look for these, and if you can earn a solid reputation, it will draw new consumers to your site.

It Provides Real-Time Information About the Delivery Status

Using product tracking tools can provide you with the best in real-time information about the delivery status of all products. If your customers suffer from insufficient deliveries and relative protocol, it can stagger your brand’s reputation. While the customer benefits from product tracking, the record of delivery status can also help logistics managers understand any discrepancies and the information needed to provide an update during problem situations. When it takes too long for the customer to receive a product they order from you, it can really cause some problems for your business as customers get angry.

When you do product tracking, you and your customers can learn a lot of basic information about delivery status. You can learn:

  • Where the order is right now, either with you or on its way over to the buyer
  • The estimated time of delivery and if there are any changes to that time
  • Whether the goods will make it to the customer without any damage to them
  • Whether the customer was able to receive the shipment successfully
  • Whether any deliveries are missing
  • Whether there are some delays in shipping

With this valuable insight, you will be able to consider these factors and determine whether the package is in the right location and how long it will take to leave your offices or your business and reach the customer. After all, once the package is out the door and in the hands of a postal or delivery service, it is out of your hands.

The Bottom Line

There are a lot of personalized services that you can enjoy with your e-commerce business to ensure your customers are happy and will come back to you. But one of the best options to consider is product tracking. Taking the time to add product tracking to your orders can keep customers aware of what is going on and help build up your reputation and more. Take a look at some of the benefits above for adding product tracking to your e-commerce website and see what a difference it can make for your growing business.