Podcasts! It seems that more and more businesses are dipping their toes into the world of podcast creation and publishing regardless of which industry they belong to.

Technology helped fuel the popularity of podcasts by making this type of content easy to share, digest, and create. These days, podcast recording and publishing have never been easier and more economical. So brands shouldn’t think twice about starting their podcast channel.

A podcast show is an excellent way for companies and brands to stand out from the competition and continue to become relevant with the changing times. So, if you’re still on the fence about creating a podcast for your business, here’s how to use podcasts as a marketing tool.

1. Build Niche Authority

Build Niche Authority

Building your niche authority is an excellent way to build your brand’s reputation and expertise. This is also a surefire way to make your potential customers reach out to you or buy the service or products you offer. By becoming a household name, you become a thought leader people look up to. It allows you to collaborate with other leaders in your industry.

Creating a podcast for your business is one of the best things you can do to increase your authority in your niche. Having a podcast gives you a space to talk about important topics like recent news, hot topics, or your thoughts about current issues and trends in your industry.

Consistently producing and publishing content that is relatable to your target market increases your presence in their lives; thus, you become top of mind whenever they think or talk about topics related to your niche.

2. Have Evergreen Content You Can Distribute

One of the things marketers have to think about constantly is content. Producing evergreen quality content cuts down the work to at least 50% since these pieces of content can be repurposed, repackaged, and redistributed in smaller chunks to different platforms over and over again.

Podcasts give the target audience a glimpse of honest conversations, perspectives, and opinions from niche experts – content that remains relatable, relevant, appealing, and fresh for a longer period of time. The long-term value of podcasts means reaping the benefits of the investment you made when you produced your podcast episodes.

It’s also important to consider that podcasts have not yet reached their saturation point compared to email campaigns and whitepapers; hence, businesses can leverage the continuous rise of this marketing medium and get the bang for their buck.

Create A Community

3. Create A Community

Building your brand’s community is one of the most effective marketing strategies you can implement. Building a community establishes relationships and genuine connections with your customers and potential buyers.

Podcasts build a brand community by giving your listeners and target audience access to you. And your brand through episodes that discuss topics they relate to, Q and As with your audience, getting guests your audience can relate to, among other things.

Listeners who tune in and follow your podcast channel are people who can associate with your content. Whether these content pieces are for education, inspiration, or educational purposes. Publishing podcasts episodes that resonate with your audience makes them feel heard and understood. These feelings make them feel like you care for them instead of just pushing your products and services. These are also the business aspects that make you stand out from your competition.

Another way podcasts build a community is by giving your listeners a platform to engage with each other. Creating a space for people with the same interest to get together heightens your success as a podcast content creator. By tapping on this powerful tool, your listeners become your marketers. These people who follow and talk to each other about the episodes you produce will create the buzz you need to get more people to tune in to your podcast show. As long as you continue to take care of your loyal listeners. Your community will continue to grow independently.

4. Increase Exposure To Generate More Leads

In 2018, a Statista survey predicted that there would be 164 million listeners by the year 2024. Imagine how significant this number is and how beneficial it is for your business to appear on a platform with this kind of growth.

As mentioned above, building a community increases your podcast’s reach. And is a better way to tap growing markets in the digital space. Building an active community in this landscape means even small brands can go head to head with more prominent brands when marketing their products and services.

Improving your company’s exposure means you get to tap a bigger audience. And even unlock hidden markets when your brand starts collaborating with other podcast creators. Just think how many more inbound leads you acquire from producing podcast content with the Statista numbers mentioned above is considered.

The Value Of Conversations

Crucial conversations that are relatable, spontaneous, and relevant help brands market their services and products by creating a relationship with their customers. Podcasts have become popular and continuously prove that this type of format is one of the best ways to reach and engage your audience.

Having a podcast included in the company’s marketing activities is practical and valuable. Evergreen content that can be repurposed in several other ways makes for an excellent fuel to establish a brand’s presence in their niche; hence, catapulting them as authorities in their market. So, the next time you sit down with your marketing team, why not pitch the idea of starting a podcast to market your business.

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