Jimmy Huh (JH SEO) is a Los Angeles SEO Consultant who provides SEO strategies of custom created plans that are highly relevant for your specific niche.

Reason for Hiring a Los Angeles SEO Consultant

Reason #1:

Due to the increasing competition in Los Angeles, there are already a lot of business organizations in LA that are hiring SEOs or other digital marketers to help them in the growth of their digital footprint. The underlying reason for its this is because of this no easy run of the mill that will just magically work.

Hire a Los Angeles SEO Consultant

Reason #2:

In order for a successful campaign to come to fruition, every niche, keyword, business or location should be hyper unique and is going to require different things.

Since Google is going to be responsible for assigning certain requirements for a specific keyword in a specific place, the amount of the content, keyword usage, videos, images or whatever is being implemented in a site will be based on its location.

Have Your Los Angeles SEO Campaign Commence

What you will need to do is to have Google think that you are an entity for your Keyword and Location, thus commencing your Los Angeles SEO Consultant.

At a macro level, this type of SEO strategy is about letting Google know and at the same time think that you are something in Los Angeles or wherever you may be.

You may have been wondering what is the certain something and why would Google believes that you are the best for the option for that certain something, the underlying reason for this is establishing who you are, what you do, and where you are to Google through Google My Business. Through this, Google will know that you exist, that you are providing for a specific service and is highly relevant for anyone in Los Angeles or near Koreatown.

Considering something like Google My Business in mind, the SEO consultant starts in understanding your business, what the location of your business is, the value proposition that you offer like services or products, the competitive landscape including the conversion points like how people are going to purchase, rent or choose what you are offering.

With JH SEO, this is how we formulate as to what we can do to position ourselves in various ways in order to get Google to understand what you are and whom you are servicing and why we should be relevant.

Keyword Sample Used by Los Angeles SEO Consultant

Say let us use the keyword “Los Angeles SEO”, this keyword is the one that will be processed in order to improve its ranking say from #5 with the goal of it being#1.

The keyword that is selected is based on keyword research and review as to what were the best options In the short term and long term. So, you can decide to arrive at more than one keyword in order for you to hit two keywords at once.

The Keyword Review for Los Angeles SEO

After having the keyword assessed, JH SEO will then use a software called CORA to perform analysis on the top 100 pages and then check the features or factors that are being considered for the keyword.

CORA will then review not only websites but it also tracks 880 factors on sites to see what correlative factors are being determined with helping someone in order to get a top keyword ranking.

The On-Page SEO will then become very transparent and quantifiable thereby allowing very clear On-Page updates like adding some contents or images or header tags with keywords that are to be more on target with the top-ranking pages.

Los Angeles SEO Consultant Roll Out

At this stage, our LA SEO strategy will then roll out with going line item by line item in order to make the On-Page SEO changes. And after doing the roll-out, JH SEO will then index the site in Google Search Console (GSC) in order to let Google know about your new page and then let it sit.

Tracking Our Los Angeles SEO Results and Looking at CRO

This stage is about closing the gap, and if there are any ranking gaps, doing the Off-Page SEO or by running ads in order to show good user behavior will boost rankings and also get more leads. And while this is happening, Google My Business will then optimize it like adding some local citations and also by adding good content on the Google My Business so to help move up the rankings.

Now that we have started to move up the rankings for both, we will then want to see the uptick in business whether it is calls or sales or contact form submissions.

After doing the On-Page SEO, the exploration for conversion optimization will start. JH SEO will keep looking to make sure that any type of information that is relevant of having that searcher be satisfied with what they see and then take the next action to procure something or move onto something else and since they are satisfied, it then becomes a good result for that person, a good result to Google, and ultimately, a good result for us.

 Los Angeles SEO Consultant Off-Page SEO

After doing the On-Page SEO, we then explore Off-Page SEO or where other websites will write about you. Backlinks are always the oldest ranking factor and this originated when Google founders Page and Brinn were reading articles and they noticed that it always had citations at the end. Thus, they were able to deduce if someone is citing someone for something, they must be relevant for that certain topic or content piece. Thus, the value and weight of backlinks were born.

Even though it is somewhat archaic, getting backlinks is still relevant this year and it is something that you must do. We then start establishing relationships with websites and contacting website owners is relevant to your niche through LinkedIn or direct emails.

Although this process is tedious, just getting a handful of people to write about you and use the keyword specified or insert your keyword when referencing you with a backlink to your page can make a huge difference.