There was a time when we had a timeline for everything. First, we had a period to study, then a period to get employed and become successful. Not saying that this method is distorted, but there have been so many additions.

Adding soft skills to the resume has been quite an important one. Nowadays, no job is completely a desk job; you still have to have good management and communication skills to have a harmonious work life.

As an HR or a recruiter, you hold sole responsibilities when it comes to soft skills like leadership, critical thinking, management, etc. Now, with the internet’s aid, teaching something has been easier than before.

Here are some of the ways you can work on inspiring your employees to learn new skills and promote growth. You can even recommend movies from this website and then have a recreational discussion between the work to induce better employee relations.

Making Learning Exciting

The workload already has the employees under a little stress; there is no point in making the learning process too monotonous or boring. The internet is happy to provide all these innovative ways to inspire learning.

1. Give Them A Goal

A person without a goal is like a train without a track; neither can work efficiently where they don’t know where they are going. Especially during the work from home sessions, employees are getting even more demotivated with the whole idea of working.

At this time, learning soft skills which put less stress on the mental space can be an excellent idea. However, for that, you have to assign a goal to them. Use the internet to assign small daily goals for them in terms of games or quizzes.

2. Track Their Success

No one can get motivated without visually seeing their success work out. So, have a track of your employee’s success and circulate them daily on their devices to motivate them.

However, make sure to keep everyone’s spirit high by sending motivational messages, even for the employees not doing that great in the first go.

This will create empathy between the employees and also prevent anyone from feeling less important during this task.

3. Sit & Have Sessions

Work from home was accepted with an open arm by so many at the beginning of the pandemic, but as days turned to months, turned to years; it started becoming a frustration. It is not the work that has been bothering them; And also. it is the lack of real human connection.

There could be nothing better than gaining some soft skills at times like this. In order to know the skills, each employee would need to muster and arrange one-on-one virtual meetings.

Talk to them & make their needs feel important. Remind them that their efforts are not forgotten in this tough time.

4. Give Them Paid Online Courses

There are thousands of interesting courses online, but in order to get a good lesson and an authentic certificate, you have to enroll in a paid one. Then, as a company, you can talk to your employees and sponsor their needed courses.

This will encourage them more to take up these soft skills and later utilize them in the workplace. Although this is an excellent idea, make sure to never force someone to take up a course just because you are paying for it.

5. Use Social Media For Encouragement

Social media can be a place of encouragement! As a reward system for learning those soft skills and succeeding in different activities, you can give words of encouragement or titles in social media groups or posts.

This will uplift the winner and motivate the others to drive more towards getting this encouragement. This healthy competition can be the greatest influence.

6. Make Videos For Better Learning

Making entertaining and innovative videos is one of the best ways to create soft skills. Like making small skits to explain the meaning of these soft skills, and how harboring them can be important for their career.

This might take some time and a lot of effort. However, once you start circulating the things, your employees will appreciate and will be extremely inspired.

7. Give Them The Social Media Credentials

Once they have learned some of the soft skills, you can start giving them responsibilities. You can start by giving them the social media credentials and letting them manage it for the time being.

It might sound simple at first, but managing social media can be complicated. Yet, this management skill is the best one your employees can hone.

Final Note

Soft skills are important and any other skills that bring in revenue for the company. Gone are the days when people could either sit at the desk for hours not talking, while others could make the presentation.

Every person should be somewhat presentable in an office space and have leadership qualities.

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