Is It Time to Start Working for Myself?


Every time we have to go back to work after a break, we consider: is this what we want to be doing? Studies found that, in the UK, people were most likely to quit their jobs at the end of January. Alongside this, is the rise in self-employment and the number of people who are looking to go freelance. In fact, in the US, the freelance workforce grew by 7% over a five-year period, while the non-freelance workforce only grew by 2%. So, the question is, what options are there for changing up your job?

Time to Start Working for Yourself

Be a Digital Nomad

The internet has opened our eyes to what there is to do and see in the world. As a result, many more people consider themselves digital nomads than ever before. A digital nomad works as a digital professional but can do so from anywhere in the world. As long as you have an internet connection, most people can actually function in a lot of job roles, especially when it comes to marketing. Being a digital nomad doesn’t necessarily mean leaving your job and starting from scratch. Some employers are looking at making flexible working easier to retain good employees who are wanting more from life.

Working from Home

Even if you don’t go fully solo, you could try to work from home at least some of the time. There are considerable benefits to working from home – no commute, you can look after a young family, and work at your own pace. But many feel they don’t have the dedicated space. If your solo prospects are looking good, you could always consider renovation or remodeling in order to create a dedicated home office. As mortgage broker Trussle shows with their comparison of providers, there are around 12,000 different mortgage deals, and many are willing to release equity by remortgaging a home to be able to afford the renovation.

Set Yourself Free(lance)

Set Yourself Freelance

Many people, especially those with established contacts, find it’s time to cut the shackles of employment and go freelance. This helps those who work fast to get more done without the confines of the 9 to 5, while those who have other commitments are able to ensure they pay the bills while also working towards other goals. The freelancer life can be difficult – it can be hard to feel motivated, can be difficult without a network of colleagues to bounce ideas off, and can sometimes feel isolating. But, for those with itchy feet under their desks, it could be just what the doctor ordered to give you a new lease of life.

January is the start of the year and the best time to start something new. Many more people are changing how they work, and the society we live in and the demand for certain jobs means that this is practical in a lot of cases. Most creative business roles can be done in a freer capacity than shift work, and more people should take advantage of how this can improve their lives and help shake things up.