Unique Ways to Inspire and Motivate Your Staff

Employee motivation is key to a successful business – if your staff stop putting in their very best effort, where will those outstanding results come from? Morale and productivity amongst employees are a sure way to increase ROI (return on investment) while keeping them happy and healthy.

When employees are happy with their job responsibilities, they invest extra effort in their work and improve their overall, it’s in your best interest to inspire and motivate your staff if you want your business to stay successful.

But how?

Here are Some Unique Ways to Get You Started…

Regularly ask for feedback

You might be the Manager or Director of a business, but employee feedback is everything. To inspire and motivate your staff, be sure to take their thoughts and ideas into consideration every so often. On a fortnightly or monthly basis, catch up with your staff by arranging a relaxed, informal meeting to discuss how they think things are going and if there’s any change they’d like to see implemented.

Spur staff to bring their family to work every so often

Family is often the most important part of a person’s life, and the divide between life at work and life at home can be quite detrimental. Once in a while, why not encourage your staff to bring a member of their family into the workplace and meet the team? This is a great method for families to understand the job role that each other has, and being able to spend extra, unexpected time with loved ones may boost engagement.

Offer sabbaticals where possible

As we constantly work towards promotions and bettering our businesses, it can be easy to forget that our careers aren’t everything… Life is so much more than just completing to-do lists and responding to emails! To inspire your staff, why not put a sabbatical within their reach? How you design this process is completely up to you but, ultimately, it will give employees paid time off to pursue passions or even travel the world.

Explore technology solutions that are available

In such a digitally-obsessed society, it’s no surprise that there are apps and websites available to help motivate and inspire staff, so why not take advantage of this? Employee Wellbeing Solutions from LifeWorks, for example, help your employees feel supported, guided, connected, recognized and rewarded with the LifeWorks Total Well-being Platform.

Celebrate success at any given opportunity

To inspire and motivate your staff (and, in return, boost the success of your business), make sure you recognise and celebrate any success that takes place within the company. Not only will you be spreading good energy, you’ll also motivate your employees to hit more goals for more recognition. The achievements celebrated can be both professional and personal – from winning a new client to passing a driving test!

Encourage proper lunch breaks

We’ve all been guilty of scoffing a sandwich at our desk in the middle of replying to emails because we’ve just got so much to do, right? Well, as an authority figure in the workplace, put a stop to this as soon as possible. Without taking adequate breaks from work, employee productivity, mental well-being and overall work performance begin to suffer – a recipe for disaster!


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