Industries Benefiting from the Increased Numbers Heading Online – Online industries have become progressively projecting within the business sector, registering more extensive revenues annually. After all, it is universally recognized that making a successful online business project offers better financial growth scenarios than starting a local brand. With just one website, businesses can now bring together consumers from all over the world.

In today’s article, we will look into the most successful online industries that have become well-known in the decade. A strong idea can ignite an innovative business plan and later become a life-changing financial achievement.


According to a report, online retail websites got almost 22 billion visits in June 2020, up from 16.07 billion global visits in Jan 2020. Due to the damaging effects of COVID-19, many customers have been involved in e-commerce shopping to avoid gatherings in brick-and-mortar stores.

Even for buying necessities like grocery items and medical needs, people opt for e-commerce websites and applications.


Online gambling websites have gained popularity in over the past few years. The rise of smartphone and tablet devices have played a huge part. Online gambling games are becoming more advanced, with high quality graphics and soundtracks now customary. It’s, therefore, no wonder that the online gambling industry is expected to grow in the years ahead.

In 2022, online poker UK has seen a massive increase in players. While poker used to be a game played exclusively in casinos or with friends, now you can play it from the comfort of your home. There are big competitions, you can play with limited stakes, and if you are in a hurry, you can participate in a 20-minute session.

Search engines

Perhaps unsurprisingly, in the coming years, Google and other search engines are also estimated to benefit from this growth in online activity. Search engines play the key role in guiding web users to online stores, gambling websites, and social media platforms. In fact, according to Marketing Land, Google controls the search engine market with 86% of all searches world-wide. Moreover, around 77% of online retail sales are estimated to go through Amazon alone. This establishes how influential these platforms have become. The number of internet users world-wide will raise by 5% annually. This means there will be almost 4 billion people using social media and e-commerce websites – and more than 3 billion browsing the internet regularly.


The advertising industry is also likely to advantage from the rise of e-commerce and social media platforms. According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), universal expenditure on online advertisements reached a new high in the last few years and will continue to raise as time goes on. According to Shareaholic, this growth is being determined by mobile devices, which account for about 60% of all digital media time. According to the IAB, advertisers spent $72 billion on mobile advertisements in 2016, which is set to grow by 20 percent annually.

Social Media

Social media use is also rising among internet users. According to CNBC, social media usage has grown by around 10% yearly since 2010. This growth is being determined by mobile devices, especially smartphones, tablets and laptops. According to Business Insider, 1 billion people can now access high-speed mobile internet on their smartphones. This is upright news for social media companies like Facebook and LinkedIn.


Global e-commerce sales are estimated to reach new heights by 2023, representing a remarkable annual growth rate. This is due to the rise in internet saturation rates and the increasing availability of smart mobile devices. Smartphones are central to this growth. Rendering to Internet World Statistics, there are now 3.8 billion mobile internet users around the world. This represents almost half of all universal internet users. Therefore, it’s no surprise that e-commerce shoppers are increasingly turning to their mobile phones to transact goods and facilities online. For example, in China alone, there were 1 billion mobile phone spending transactions in 2016, conferring to The Atlantic. Social media platforms are also driving the progress of e-commerce business, allowing customers to purchase goods directly from their accounts on websites like Twitter & Facebook. According to Business Insider, social commerce sales in the US alone totaled $5.6 billion last year. This has developed strongly over the years and is projected to continue increasing strongly in the years ahead.


E-commerce and social media platforms are driving the growth of all associated industries. According to Cisco, universal online traffic will grow by 3% yearly–representing more than double the present level. This growth will be obsessed by online videos, social media, and smartphone browsing. These activities need additional bandwidth, which the internet industry hopes to see using high-quality virtual private networks (VPNs).