Important Text Marketing Tips – If you are an entrepreneur or marketer, you must have heard of SMS marketing. Unlike traditional marketing channels, text messages are a personal form of communication. Hence, they offer several benefits compared to conventional practices.

Advertisers prefer text marketing due to its incredible open rates and highly receptive audiences. And since most of the global population uses a mobile phone, reaching the target audience is a breeze. A high open rate means you do more business and gain popularity in a short period of time.

From scheduling appointments to gathering feedback, there are numerous automated text message marketing applications. Here are the top ten tips and tricks for setting up your text marketing campaigns. If you are interested in that and more, keep reading.

Top 10 Text Marketing Strategies to Boosting Visibility and Engagement

There is no right or wrong in marketing. However there are tips and tricks that work the most for businesses. And we have compiled them for you. Start your SMS marketing campaign on the right foot by following these tips and tricks.

Be Precise and Concise

Since text messages are limited to 160 characters, your message must be to the point for maximum impact. You can either use the space to convince the audience or irritate them. Therefore, use the opportunity wisely while creating the content. Your message must have a clear purpose. In that sense, avoid using abbreviations and shorten the URLs.

Promote Opt-Ins

Since text messaging is personal, you cannot randomly contact people who don’t know you. Unsolicited text messages are irritating and can harm your brand’s reputation. You must convince customers to opt for your SMS subscription program. There are several ways to do it. The most common methods include offering something in return and social media promotions.

Introduce Yourself

Receiving messages from unknown senders is not a thrilling experience. Make sure to introduce yourself before getting to the point. The introduction doesn’t have to be a long one. Simply let your customers be aware of the source of the promotion.

Add Value

Nobody likes receiving promotional messages that don’t concern them. Customers aren’t your friends, and text marketing is not a social call. Hence, your text should add value to their lives. If you don’t have something important to say, it’s better to save your breath for another time.

Include a CTA

Just like promotional emails, SMS marketing campaigns need a clear CTA to direct the audience down a specific path. A CTA engages the audience, leading them through a funnel. Use this opportunity to lure them into physical stores or join you on social media.

Personalise Your Content

Since SMS is a personal communication form, you must customise your messages for maximum impact. You can tailor the content according to your client’s demands, preferences, and expectations. Don’t forget to segregate the audience for better results. This way, you can create bespoke messages for every segment.

Boost Organic Traffic

Increased organic traffic to your website means higher conversions and greater sales. You can direct the customers to your website with a shortened link at the end of the SMS. However, you must place the link naturally for maximum impact. Attaching a link to your website with a Happy Birthday message will look out of place.

Invest in Multichannel Marketing

While SMS marketing increases brand awareness and boosts conversions, its potential greatly amplifies when paired with other digital marketing initiatives. You can leverage the benefits of SMS marketing together with emails. Instead of conveying your message directly via text, ask the audience to check their emails.

Don’t Bore Your Subscribers

Once people subscribe to your SMS list, you must keep them hooked. Instead of sending the same texts repeatedly, try to drive engagement with sales announcements, discounts, and social media links. You can invite the audience to participate in giveaways and contests or ask them to share their feedback.

Create a Sense of Urgency

For your SMS campaigns to be successful, you must generate urgency around the offer using limited-period deals and offers. Nothing speeds up a purchase decision more than a strict timeline. Mention the end date and stress how they’ll regret missing out on the opportunity. Don’t forget to leave a link to your product at the end for your audience.


SMS marketing is one of the most reliable methods of connecting with the audience. The personal nature of text messages makes them ideal for direct communication, which is a boon for startups and corporate enterprises looking to attract, engage, and retain clients.

When done correctly, SMS marketing campaigns have a much higher success rate than emails and other traditional channels. The need for SMS marketing will rise as more people use mobile phones globally. If you aren’t using a text message marketing strategy, you are missing out on a significant outreaching opportunity.

If you don’t have the time or patience to learn the text marketing basics and implement it yourself, hire a professional to integrate SMS marketing with your digital marketing tactics. Most digital marketing firms today offer text message marketing services.