It is important that before investing in a solar panel system, you ask yourself what are the most common failures, here we explain.

With a solar panel system in your property, you are part of the group of companies that save on your electricity bill’s cost and have optimal results in their production lines with the minimum investment.

Thanks to solar panels Hong Kong, your company can now increase its value by being committed to the environment. However, you may have asked yourself before investing is, what are the possible failures that a photovoltaic system can have?

It is important to know your photovoltaic system; in this article, we will briefly see the solar panel’s most common faults.

What are the most common faults of solar panels

What are the most common faults of solar panels?

It’s worth mentioning that the chances of your photovoltaic system having a problem are low if it is installed by an expert Sola Panel Hong Kong company. If your solar panel system ever fails, it could be due to the following:

Installation wiring

According to a report by PVTRIN, one of the most prominent training centers for photovoltaic installers in Europe, 24% of failures in photovoltaic systems installed on the roof are due to poorly fixed wiring, and 5% are made up of connections loose termination.

These installation defects are large because some companies that install solar panels do not have certified personnel in the area, so it is important to evaluate their technical capabilities and experience.

Installing the components

As we mentioned in the first point, personnel without the necessary training to install photovoltaic systems can increase the probability of errors at this stage.

The most frequent failures are perforating the roof of the building by inadequate sealing methods, lack of grounding or protection against electric shock, improperly placed sensors, no intervention in the case of corrosion, and insufficient ventilation of the inverter and solar panels, as good air circulation is necessary for proper cooling.

These mistakes can easily be avoided by working together with a certified installer like SOLARFUTURE.HK and an electrician.

Factory defects

The chances of manufacturing defects are usually very low when you choose a reliable Solar Panel Hong Kong company that works with high-quality materials.

When this happens, you can make use of the guarantees offered by both the manufacturer of the solar panels and the installation company of photovoltaic systems; these warranties regularly cover any factory defects and protect your investment for many years.

Choose the experts in solar panels.

Choosing appropriately who will have the important task of installing a solar panel system in your property will help you or your company be much more competitive and save millions in electricity.

Also, choosing a company for installing your photovoltaic cells will prevent you from being in situations where there are design errors and failures, such as those we saw previously.

SOLARFUTURE is one of the leading companies in HONG KONG in solar panels for industries and businesses. With certified engineers, each project is planned in detail, and all the necessary analysis of the property are carried out to ensure the optimal performance of your photovoltaic system.

Leave your company in the hands of the specialists.


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