For people planning a vacation, the thought of going to Disney is filled with excitement and magic. Turning to a travel planner to help create the trip of a lifetime is one of the most important things you can do to get the vacation you dream of. If you want to know if hiring a professional to help is worth the investment, here are the most important duties of a travel planner, specifically for Disney trips.

Customize Magical Itineraries

Every client comes with a different expectation of the perfect Disney trip. Unlike a vacation to the beach, going to Disney offers endless possibilities.

The primary responsibility of a Disney travel planner is to develop custom itineraries for each client. These itineraries account for all the people going on the trip and ensure that the most important places get experienced. Listening to a client’s wishes helps these planners create a trip that accounts for the magic they want to experience the most.

Disney Travel Planners Help You Manage the Vacation Budget Wisely

When you are planning a Disney vacation, it can be easy to go well beyond your intended budget. A quality Disney travel planner will not only help you plan a magical trip, but they will also help you stay within your vacation budget. They know all the secrets of Disney that not only make it fun and exciting, but also affordable for people who want to go. They can help you find discounts and even seasonal offers from Disney parks and resorts.

Navigating Disney Genie and Reservation Systems

Many people want to skip lines at Disney, because let’s face it, in the high season, they can be long. While the FastPass system has been retired, a Disney Travel Planner can help you instead make the most out of the Disney Genie option. You can make one line reservation ahead of time on the day of travel in Disney, and get many other great perks. Additionally, if you want special character dinners or meals in other highly sought after venues, these travel planners can ensure that you get in all the right places.

Provide Expert Travel Guidance and Support

Another great essential service that a travel planner for Disney can provide is their expert guidance and advice. Aside from just planning logistics, they can be a sounding board for clients to help them maximize the fun and rest on their trips. Their tips can help turn an overwhelming process into something enjoyable and tangible. They can even offer guidance on how to travel through the parks so that little time is wasted between attractions.

Ensure a Personalized Experience

Creating a highly personalized experience is the cornerstone of a Disney travel planner. They can help you determine the best activities for everyone in your group and ensure that you see all the top things on your list. The personal touch they offer can make your Disney experience even more magical.


Disney travel planners provide a unique service that helps Disney fans experience all the magic in the most unforgettable ways. They can turn a basic trip into a wonderful experience that you will be talking about for years to come.