How to Get the Most of Advertising in California –Out of all the states to advertise your business in, California is definitely the best of the best. Not only does it have an impressive population of over 39.5 million, but it is also home to a wide variety of people. You have actors and creatives trying to make it in Hollywood, tech-savvy professionals in Silicon Valley, and families settling down and going about their lives. No matter what your target audience is, chances are you’ll find that audience somewhere in California, making it an attractive place to advertise your business. In a state with so much to offer and thousands of other businesses already trying to market their services, how is it possible to get the most out of advertising in California? Thankfully, we are here today to help you answer this question for your company. From Long Beach billboards to Pasadena brand partnerships and everything in between, you’ll have a solid understanding of the process of effective advertising in California by the end of this article. To learn everything there is to know about the ins and outs of marketing in California, keep on reading. 

Figure Out Your Target Audience

As we’ve mentioned, there are so many different types of people in California. From surfers and skaters to farmers and families, California has the audience you need. Now the question is – who exactly is your target audience? In order to get the most out of advertising in California, you need to clearly define what your company’s target audience is. Once you figure this out, your entire marketing strategy will be directed by this information. Is your target audience young actors in Hollywood? You’ll design your advertisements to look a certain way that is catered towards their liking, and you’ll also place any out-of-home (OOH) advertisements in areas where they are most likely to frequent. You won’t achieve the success and expansion you want unless you clearly identify your target audience. 

Build Brand Familiarity With Billboards 

It’s been scientifically proven that the more familiar you are with a person, thing, or, in this instance, business, the more likely you are to favor them. This is exactly why billboards are so effective in advertising and have stood the test of time as the best form of advertisement out there. Many people incorrectly think that billboards are used to convey a certain message or attract the attention of passers-by with an eye-catching design. However, while these aspects of advertising are important, they are not what make billboards so effective; it’s the fact that they build familiarity with your company. Depending on where you think your ideal clients are located, you can adjust the location of your billboard advertisements accordingly. For example, Long Beach billboards would be the better option for a surfing brand than Silicon Valley billboards. Similarly, building familiarity with your acting agency would be more impactful in Hollywood than San Francisco. By exposing the citizens of a community to your company name using billboards, you can successfully build brand familiarity and benefit your company in whatever way you choose. You can never go wrong with billboards, but make sure to pay a lot of attention to where your billboard advertisements are placed. Location is key.

Develop Community With Other Brands 

It’s probably safe to assume that you are already well aware that it is difficult to make a big impact alone, which is why you’ve started your company. However, even one company’s reach is limited when it is working on its own. The best way to both reach a larger audience and to develop connections that will be beneficial to everyone involved is to get connected with other businesses in your area. There are so many unique ways to do this; you could host a joint event with another brand, you could develop products or services with another company, and so much more. The key to developing a beneficial community with your company is to ensure you are doing joint work with complementary businesses. In other words, you don’t want to host a joint podcast with another brand that sells essentially the exact same product as you. This just confuses your customers more. Instead, let’s say a workout gear brand was hosting an event, and they invited a protein powder brand to co-host. This type of interaction would benefit all companies involved, as well as provide your potential customers with products or services that they’re already interested in. 


We hope this article helped show you how to get the most out of advertising in California. Don’t be intimidated by this popular, large state. If done correctly, advertising your business here can be more profitable than you ever could have imagined.