How Important is a Business Name for SEO? – In today’s hypercompetitive digital world, your business needs to stand out to thrive. When one thinks of the most successful companies, their brands are typically well-crafted and stand out from their competitors.

All small decisions behind a business’s look and personality can contribute significantly to its success. While many factors can help a business grow in its respective industry, an accurate and creative business name will set you apart from countless similar businesses in your respective industry.

In fact, a business name is often regarded as the cornerstone of the brand. It shapes the brand identity and serves as the first impression that customers have when encountering the business.

An Example of a Good Business Name

When you think of running shoes and activewear, you might think of the brand Nike.

All of Nike’s signature elements work together to create a recognizable identity that’s hinged on the idea of victory—victory in working out, sports, and staying active. Their strong brand is driven by their business name, and business owners can learn from this example.

Similarly, you can get a headstart with standing out from competitors online by maximizing your reach on search engines. A good business name can certainly help with your search engine optimization (SEO) ranking and make you more visible.

What is SEO?

Simply put, SEO is the process of improving your business site’s visibility and engagement on search engines. The more visibility you have on these sites, the more likely it is that your business will gain views and clicks. It may seem complicated to implement, but there are a lot of simple ways you can enhance your SEO rankings—starting with a strong business name when choosing your domain name.


You don’t need to be an SEO and digital marketing expert to come up with an SEO-friendly business name. As a general rule of thumb, consider your business goals and personality when coming up with a business name.

Descriptive names for traditional businesses may be easy to remember but tend not to stand out in SEO rankings. However, some well-crafted examples of descriptive business names include PayPal and Netflix. Now extremely recognizable and doing well in sales, they are testaments that when done right, your descriptive business name will be able to attract the right visitors.

On the other hand, abstract names can be distinct but confusing. In some cases, such as that of Nike, this creative risk pays off with a strong brand. Other examples of abstract business names that are successful include Google and Apple.

SEO Tools for Creating a Business Name

There are a variety of free tools online that can help you with brainstorming an SEO-friendly name for your business. The business name generator on Namechk, for example, is a leading online tool that helps business owners from a wide range of industries come up with creative company names. When using Namechk, you simply type in keywords relevant to your business. From there, you will automatically find a list of available business names and possible domain names.

Other useful tools include keyword ranking checkers, which provide immediate feedback on your search engine rankings. This allows business owners to stay informed in regards to their SEO standing in relation to competitors, as well as the frequent shifts in search engine algorithms.

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