These days, everyone speaks at least two languages, a mother tongue, and one foreign language. So it feels like you don’t need much help from professional translation. If you know English, you can communicate around the world, right? Well, not really, here are three situations when you will need a professional translator working for you.

Types of translation suited only for a pro

Interpretation over the phone and translating speeches live are the two types of translation that you won’t be able to perform on your own. For both, you need training, a vast range of vocabulary, and experience before you will be able to translate efficiently by yourself. You can try, sure, but this will lead to hours of work and lots of stress. Save your reputation and nerves with a pro backing you up.

Exotic languages

Thinking that you can communicate in English around the world is supporting an existing myth. Sure, English can get you far, but not everywhere. There are still places where it is preferred to talk in a local language. And if you have guests from the other side of the globe, make sure to have a professional translator present. It is all about making your guests and yourself as comfortable as you can be.

Cultural differences

A knowledge that you may not have only as a good speaker, but a translator will have. Cultural differences are present even between people from neighboring countries. You do not want to commit any faux pas while doing business or small talk. You need professional help to achieve that.

If you want to avoid even more translation mistakes, study the graphic below.

Professional Translator [Infographic]