How Do We Get These Amazing Outcomes?

At Cosmedica Clinic, we address each patient’s hair condition on an individual basis. We assess the likelihood of future hair loss based on past images in order to approximate your appearance prior to the onset of hair loss.

Hair Transplant Before And After  Hair transplants may not be permanent if they are performed too soon and follicular units are placed in between hair groups that are still present. This is because the transplanted hair may fall out between the original hair groups.

For this reason, we shall examine your hair density under a microscope. We can ascertain the quantity of hair follicles in the donor region that are suitable for transplantation and choose the best hair transplant technique to achieve the best outcomes. In the unlikely event that you require or desire another hair transplant in the future, we always take care not to overharvest the donor area.

Establishing a distinct front hairline can help us attain notably organic outcomes and increased hair development. Dr. Acar is an expert in both the more recent Micro Sapphire DHI technique and FUE hair transplantation. Using the most recent advancements in hair restoration procedures and technologies, he is able to produce optimal outcomes.

Naturally, each person’s hair transplant surgery results are unique. It also depends on the initial hair condition, in addition to each person’s scalp’s unique response to hair transplant surgery. The non-transplanted hair may eventually fall out if hair follicles are implanted in between remaining hair since it is still susceptible to the negative effects of dihydrotestosterone.

An essential component of a superior hair transplant procedure is for the surgeon to accurately mimic the hair follicles’ normal development angle. Only highly competent surgeons equipped with the most precise contemporary instruments can perform this.

You and Dr. Acar will discuss the amount of grafts required, and he will determine your future hairline during your particular appointment. The photos on this page show you how we have established the hairline for previous patients. We accomplish this after consulting with you; we take your preferences into account in addition to our expertise in determining the ideal hairline for natural-looking hair.

Do Hair Transplants Pay Off?

Hair Transplant Before And After  The value of a hair transplant depends on your unique situation, objectives, and expectations. For those who are suffering hair loss, hair transplants can be a very beneficial and life-changing option, but it’s important to take into account a few aspects before making a decision:

Effect on confidence and self-esteem: Hair loss can have a major effect on confidence and self-esteem. A successful hair transplant can promote self-confidence and help restore a person’s natural hairline, which will improve their general well-being.

Long-term fix: Hair transplants typically provide a long-term fix. The transplanted hair can be handled, styled, and maintained like natural hair after it takes root and becomes resistant to genetic hair loss.

outcomes that seem natural: Cutting-edge methods with less scarring, like Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Direct Hair Implantation (DHI), provide outcomes that look natural.

Financial commitment: The cost of hair transplants can vary based on a diversity of factors, counting the grade of hair loss and the quantity of grafts wanted eg 50000 grafts . It’s critical to balance the expense with the long-term worth and possible advantages.

Reasonable expectations: It’s important to be reasonable while anticipating the results of a hair transplant. Even though it can greatly enhance the way your hair looks, it might not give you a full head of hair that looks as well as it did when you were younger.

Speak with an expert: It’s crucial to speak with a licenced hair restoration specialist.

What Is The Duration Of Hair Transplantation?

The prevailing consensus is that hair transplants are a permanent cure for hair loss. The hair that is being transplanted comes from parts of the scalp like the back or sides of the head (referred to as the donor area) that are not prone to genetic hair loss. As a result, the hair is resistant to the negative effects of dihydrotestosterone, which can lead to baldness and hair thinning. The transplanted hair can therefore last a lifetime.

It can take a variety of times to notice the full effects of a hair transplant. The transplanted hair usually sheds a few weeks after the treatment. But in a few months, new hair growth ought to start. Typically, it takes eight to 12 months to see the complete and final

The transplanted hair can be styled and handled exactly like natural hair after it has fully grown in. Your transplanted hair can stay healthy and look natural for years to come if you heed the advise of your hair restoration specialist during the critical initial few weeks following surgery.

It’s critical to have reasonable expectations regarding a hair transplant’s outcomes. Even though the hair that was transplanted is more resistant to hair loss, hair loss in the scalp areas that were not treated may still occur over time. Nonetheless, the overall result of a successful hair transplant can greatly enhance the density and appearance of the hair, giving you a long-lasting boost in confidence.