Print Marketing 101: 5 Tips for Developing Eye Catching Advertisements

Tips for Developing Eye Catching Advertisements – A lot of people are foolishly under the impression that print advertising is dead. A consumer is more likely to give undivided attention to a print ad over a digital one that is thrown at them through email or social media.

There are a lot of distractions with digital advertising. Local advertisements, on the other hand, can give you more bang for your buck if you do them correctly.

The last thing you want is for your print marketing efforts to go unnoticed. What are the best advertising ideas? Keep reading to learn five tips to develop head-turning advertisements for your local market.

Print Marketing 101

1. Which Font Will Speak to Your Audience?

When making up flyers for local ads, think about your audience. What are you trying to convey to them? Do you want them to think of your brand as confident and powerful? Or do you want a fun, easy-going vibe?

Block letters are bold and communicate a sense of boldness. Flowing, cursive letters make things seem fun. Do a little research on the different types of fonts and which are most effective.

2. Less is More: Keep it Simple

Don’t try to pack a whole lot of information into a small ad. Try to say more with less. Get to the point of your ad without being overly wordy.

Clutter-free advertisements will garner attention and attract new customers.

3. Keep the Focus on Your Brand

When making an ad for local marketing don’t get carried away with too much creativity. The ad should focus primarily on highlighting your brand. Don’t add too much fluff that will distract viewers.

Too many messages about your brand confuse the consumer. Focus on being better or cheaper or different, but not all three. Choose only one factor to highlight in an ad.

Become known for one thing and you’ll be very good at that one thing!

4. Remember the Psychology of Color

Color has an emotional and mental effect on people. The colors you choose to put in your ad affect the potential customer’s perception of your brand.

Studies show that the proper use of color in your ad increases your brand recognition by more than 75%. Another surprising statistic shows that 85% of consumers buy a product because of color.

5. Originality Gets Noticed

Be creative. Come up with something original. Do not copy another company’s style. Original, creative content will attract attention.

Choose the perfect font, color, and message to create an eye-catching, original ad!

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Print Marketing

Now that you’ve learned some tips for print marketing advertising, which ones will work to achieve your end goal? Create advertisements that people won’t soon forget.

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