Trust is the fundamental player in turning potential customers into loyal customers. The best part is that creativity can serve as the right building block of customer trust and loyalty. However, while businesses have the creative freedom to communicate their customer’s messages with videos, this magical element is still under-utilised. So, let’s look at the bigger picture.

More than 50% of customers agree that inability to touch and try a product is the biggest drawback of online shopping. And, product videos serve as a suitable tool to win the competitive edge to get increased trust and, conclusively, your revenue.

All you need to create unmatchable product videos is a clear understanding of your product, a convincing script, and a great online video editor to ace your video marketing strategy. Although brief guidance can be a guiding light, leave it up to us. Here we have the ultimate guide to increasing eCommerce Sales With Product Videos to boost your loyal customer base and revenue.

What is a Product Video?

Product videos are a type of marketing video that demonstrates a product with its genuine features and benefits creatively and attractively. These videos are useful decorations on the product page to help customers understand a product and convince them to buy. However, the placement of product videos is not limited to the product page. You may use them on social media or elsewhere, as per your requirements.

Steps to create a compelling product video:

Draw a blueprint of your video

Anything that is well planned helps to achieve results better and faster. Product videos are no different. Hence, the process of filming one must start with a plan. In setting a blueprint, the first step is to decide what kind of video you want. There are five fundamental types of product videos you can choose from, and they are as follows:

  1. Product demonstration videos
  2. Explainer Videos
  3. Advice Videos
  4. Customer Testimonial Videos
  5. Unboxing videos

The selection of suitable videos depends on the goal you aim to achieve through such videos. Some common goals that can be achieved via videos are spreading product awareness, driving sales, and establishing a distinct brand image.

To determine the suitable video type, you first need to clearly understand your targeted customers and their pain points.

After determining an admirable video type, you can move forward in your process of creating an awe-inspiring product video.

Create a storyboard

Sometimes, a story can make everything connected. But, at times, a simple video can do the magic. It is sometimes based on the message you would want to communicate through your video and the type of video you are using to convey your message to your audience.

For any category, you must have an attractive script and well-designed storyboard to guide you down the path of boosting E-commerce sales. For the scripting and storyboarding needs, you may hire an in-office script writer/copywriter or can work with freelancers.

A storyboard is a prerequisite element of a great product video that delivers higher conversions. A well-designed storyboard guides the whole video production team from the video filming stage to the editing phase. Storyboarding can cut short the long hours the editing team has to sit in front of an online video editor.

Make a list of your requirements.

Nothing could be more frustrating and time-consuming than to have the whole team wait while the management is busy getting the vital elements ready till the last moment. In the majority of the cases, the camera handling team changes on a per-hour basis. At such times, last moment management would cost you money and effort. As a precautionary measure, having a list of all required items beforehand can help you create a product video that drives sales.

The unmatchable ideas can come to you at the moment. For such ideas, you can not have everything arranged at your table. However, for a pre-planned script with a well-designed storyboard, you must have all equipment to film the video and an online video editor to get a smooth eCommerce video.

Film your video

Now that you have collected everything you require, the action phase is knocking at your doorstep. To film a seamless product video, you can use a high profile camera or iPhone, as per your budget. Get your props organised, lights ready, and team prepared to save time and money. This phase is also called the action phase.

Many product videos are animated, and hence, they do not require a high-profile video shoot. However, for such videos, product shoots must be done with extreme care and professionalism.

Avoid using distracting voice-over and low-quality clips for the final video. Instead, the fundamental mantra is a supreme quality to boost eCommerce sales using videos.

Edit your video:

Editing a video is no less than filing colours to a drawing. It adds magic to black and white art and makes it aesthetically pleasing and visually appealing. There are plenty of video editors and video makers, whatever you call them, available online. However, the most suitable online video editor would be a match between your list of requirements and its offerings.

At this step, along with a perfect online video editor, you must also ensure not to overdo the animation and decoration of videos using funky animations and unnatural effects.

An awe-inspiring product video results from audio and visual elements in the right quality and quantity. Moreover, you can consider adding text overlays, commonly known as captions, in the video to convey your message clearly to your audience.

In the Nutshell

Now that you have a product video that attracts better and converts better, you can place them on the product page of your website and your social media platforms. In the end, you can focus on sharing your video with brilliant captions with keywords embedded. Make sure to optimise your video to be found easily by search engines using keywords.

Along with next the steps mentioned above, you must devote extra attention to video content quality. The most desirable aspect of a product video is creativity and aesthetics. Hence, while creating a video to drive increased eCommerce sales, you must not avoid giving your mind the creative freedom to create an aesthetically pleasing video.