We all know that GoogleAdwords is Google’s advertising program where we can create online ads on both its Search Network and the Display Network and reach our target audience. Well, do we know the difference between GoogleAdwords and Adwords Express?

Googleadwords vs Google adwords express.

Let’s say that Adwords Express is broadly the little brother of GoogleAdwords, that is, GoogleAdwords is aimed at those companies that have both local, national and international clients, while Adwords Express focuses only and exclusively on local businesses.

What is Google Adwords Express?.

GoogleAdwords is aimed at companies that have local, national, and international clients, while Adwords Express focuses solely and exclusively on local businesses.

Adwords management is done autonomously, having full control of the campaign, that is, through Adwords you can, among other actions, create ads, assign a daily budget to the campaign and determine the maximum amount that we are willing to spend per click (maximum CPC). On the contrary, the ads that are carried out through Adwords Express have managed automatically, where we can only do the following:

  • Create an online advertisement.
  • Set a budget.
  • Choose the company category.
  • Select search phrases related to our business.

Another of the differences between Adwords and Adwords Express and that I particularly like is that with Adwords Express it is not necessary to have a website to advertise online, create an account in Google Plus or Google Maps.

The AdWords Express ads are shown in search results and Google Maps with a blue badge,


In terms of geographical orientation, Adwords Express limits its ads to a radius between 24 and 64 km, while both advertising programs do allow mobile advertising.

Now that the term SOLOMON (Social + Location and Mobile) is in vogue, Google Adwords Express ads are an option to advertisement especially for those small businesses that want to advertise on the Internet but do not have time to manage their online campaigns. It is also an advantage for them to know that they only pay for each click they make on the ads, knowing at all times the cost of the investment.

As a summary, we show below a comparative chart:


Adwords Express


We only pay for each click Yes Yes
Automated management Yes Do Not
Easy solution for companies that do not have a website Yes Do Not
Ads on the Google Search network Yes Yes
Ads on other related websites Limited (Us Only) Yes
Mobile Ads Yes Yes
Other advanced ad formats (for example, on video) Do Not Yes
Ability to target ads geographically

Source: Google Adwords Express

Local (24 to 64 km radius) In any location Local (24 to 64 km radius) In any location

In short, Google created Adwords Express to meet the needs of a large mass of small businesses and in the process, expand its line of business.

If you have advertised on GoogleAdwords and Adwords Express, Let us know in comments how it went.