Definition of Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction, is a concept inherent in the field of marketing. And that implies, as its name already anticipates, the pleasure that a customer experiences concerning a product or service that he has acquired .

Consumed because precisely it has fully covered expectations placed at the time of purchase.

The satisfaction that a client feels about a product or service that they consume because it meets their demands and expectations

In other words, it is about the Client’s compliance with the product or service they bought. since It satisfactorily fulfilled the promise of a timely sale

It should consider that customer satisfaction is the direct result of comparing the perceived performance of the product or service with the expectations it presented.

customer satisfaction

The Objective to Fulfill is to Achieve Satisfaction

Based on the preceding, the issue of customer satisfaction turns out to be one of the commercial goals to which any company that markets products and services should aspire,

since compliance with it will be decisive for the customer to choose the service again.

Repeat the purchase of it.

Or even recommend it to your friends and family because you feel that you have been satisfied.

When a product or service fulfills what it promises and offers a reasonable price for the consumer. It will not hesitate to go back to it and not to mention if it excessively exceeds what is expecting of it.

This situation will make the customer become an absolute fanatic .And not only continue buying the product or service but will also recommend it to their environment.

So, correctly satisfying the Client without a doubt becomes the key to the commercial success of a company, therefore, the marketing department, generally in charge of this topic, must pay special care and emphasis on this essential issue and DO NOT disappoint the Client. Adequate customer service guarantees satisfaction

Essential Tips to Achieve Customer Satisfaction

Meanwhile, there are some ways, essential tips, to achieve the long-awaited customer satisfaction, such as:

That the product has quality

Fulfill the promise of a sale

Offer adequate customer service that contributes to solving problems.

In the event of presenting,

which includes prompt attention to the problem and also the offering of additional services, such as

Home delivery

Telephone service

Warranty, among others.

Precisely to effectively fulfill the point of satisfaction is that companies must have an efficient customer service.

which users, customers, can contact when they have any problem related to the use of the product or service.

To make any questions about the operation in general, among others.

Large companies services

Customer service is standard among large companies that offer services and sell consumer products, such as mobile and landline, internet, water, electricity, gas, among others.

They provide and make this service available to interact with their customers directly and can help them achieve satisfaction with the product or service they offer.

It is an undoubtedly useful resource when it comes to keeping in touch with customers. Because, in addition to receiving a complaint, they can know

What Client’s feeling and opinion about the product are?

What should they improve?

How they feel they are treated by customer service every time they communicate, among other issues?.

This service is provided by telephone, mostly, although there is also the face-to-face option in some commercial office,

But other avenues of care are also offered that include new technologies such as mail, online chat, among others. If a good customer relationship can attain, the company will undoubtedly have an advantage over the competition.

In other words, a product can be similar to the one offered by the competitor in every way. But if the customer service is the best, this will tip the balance in their favor. Containing, attending to needs, and claims, among others, is the objective of this service.

Emotional aspects

But also, the emotional aspect that usually accompanies the claim that can’t ignore, and, by case, the professionals who occupy this sector must know how to handle both a happy and angry client. The right way, knowing how to listen, and giving clear answers, will help in this regard.