What is Expenditure ? It’s Controls and Measures.


In an economic sense, it is known as spending to the amount that is spent or has been expenditure. Spending is a useful concept for families, businesses, or the government.

A family needs to control their spending so that income allows them to meet their obligations and meet their needs. A company, for its part, must know its expenses in detail as they undermine their profit or profits. In the case of a government, which does not seek financial revenue, controlling spending is important to avoid the fiscal deficit.

The payment of services (electricity, gas, and telephony) and the purchase of food, for example, are part of the cost of a family. Companies will also spend on inputs and salaries, while a government spends on public works.
In this sense, we must emphasize that, for example, every self-employed or self-employed worker is habitual that every month, he makes a budget to be able to know the status of his company.

Hence, establish a document that gathers both the income received and the expenses (periodic and unforeseen). In this way, you can know if the business in question is growing, if it is stagnant or if its benefits are sufficient to maintain its economy.

Social spending is government spending that is intended to cover the basic needs of people it’s called public expenditure that made by public administrations.

And all this without forgetting that there is also the cost of representation. This refers to the monetary amount that is granted, for example, to a political representative so that he/she can face the expenses that come with attending to the different social activities that he/she must carry out.

In the same way, and starting from this meaning, we can emphasize the fact that several colloquial expressions make use of the term that we are now dealing with. Thus, for example, there is the adverbial phrase “running with expenses” that is used to refer to the fact that someone is the one who is going to pay all the expenses generated activity in itself. A sample of this meaning would be the following sentence: “Manuel ran with all the expenses of the company meal.”

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But that is not the only expression that uses the concept we are addressing. Another that does the same is “cover expense.” With the same thing what is tried to express is that a business in itself is generating the necessary products to be able to face just all the expenses that have been created.

For physics, the expense is the amount of liquid or gas that passes through a pipe or a hole for a certain time and under certain circumstances.

Regarding the deterioration by use, the expense refers to the problems, failures, or shortcomings that arise in a thing before its use in repeated opportunities. A pair of shoes can suffer the expense after several walks: “I have the shoes so worn that I slip.”