What is an External SalesForce? – Definition, Advantages, and More


External SalesForce Definition

The external salesforce consists of completely outsourcing or complementing your commercial force, obtaining all the advantages that provide you. Such as the creation of new sales channels or the conversion of fixed expenses into variables.

In addition to the same advantages of its network, the external salesforce also gives you total freedom to move vendors to different regions.

And also, being able to schedule specific routes and visits throughout the national territory without increasing costs.

What are the Different Stages of External SalesForce?

The creation of an external salesforce takes place in several stages:

Prospecting: Plan the type of market to be covered.

Buyer profile: The target audience is studied to optimize the salesforces.

The moment: It is necessary to keep in mind which is the most suitable moment to apply the salesforce.

Seller profile: It is vital to get the right staff depending on the product or service. And also their closeness to the customer and these distributes in the strategic points.

What are the Advantages of External salesforce?

Having an external salesforce offers the following advantages:

  • Freedom to move vendors to different regions, being able to schedule routes and visits without increasing costs. For this, it is convenient to have companies specialized in sales and that have sellers available throughout the national territory.
  • Creation of new sales channels.
  • Converting fixed expenses into variables: this is evident by not having to pay workers wages but a certain amount to a company that subcontracts.

The development of the sales plan when using it divided into several steps:

  • Study the type of market to which the company wants to target its products or services.
  • When sellers hired for the firm itself, it is necessary to find the right seller profile for selling the product or service.
  • As we have pointed out before, it is convenient that the seller and the client have geographical proximity, since that facilitates personal contact.

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