Point is a term with multiple meanings: in this case, we are interested in its meaning as a physical place or site. Sale, on the other side, is the process and the result of selling (giving the property of a good to another subject, who will pay a certain price already agreed to keep the product in question) With these definitions in the clear, we can refer to the notion of point of sale.

It is the commercial premises in which various products are obtainable for sale. A person who wants to buy something, therefore, can approach a point of sale of what he intends to acquire to complete the operation.
Point of Sale

Uses Of POS ( Point of Sales )

The use of the point of sale concept is habitually used when the seller has several stores.

Suppose a footwear manufacturer offers his shoes in ten different businesses within the same city. It can be said, therefore, that your company has ten points of sale. On the other hand, if a clothing brand has a single point of sale to offer its products, it is more likely to talk about the store or the premises of the firm, and not about its point of sale.

In any point of sale that boasts, there is a fundamental element that allows any customer to buy a product without any problems. We are referring to the so-called point of sale terminals, which are technological devices that automate what the process of payment and collection of the item in question is.

These solutions are made up of software and hardware. Specifically they have the scanner, the receipt printer, the touch-screen monitor, or the magnetic stripe readers, which allow the customer to make the payment of their purchase using a credit card.

Concept of POS ( Point of Sales )

With the start-up and development of the Internet, many companies have shaped their web pages as a way to make themselves known and also that all their products can reach a greater number of people, that is, potential customers.

In this way, the companies above what they do are to hang their catalogs in said spaces of the Network and allow all their articles to be sold through their online store. However, they also include information about the physical points of sale in which they can be purchased.

A clear example of that is the bus companies. They sell tickets online but, at the same time, they have physical outlets, in the stations where they operate, so that those who wish can buy their tickets there.