The event industry in Australia is steadily growing in the past couple of years, so much so that it ranks high on the list of top countries for business events. While the sector is reaching new heights, it is unfortunate that there are still people who do not see the value of the Event planning.

Misconceptions about Event Planners

Every event planner has to deal with the overly glamorous and almost distorted image painted by television shows and social media posts of celebrities about what the job entails. To set the record straight and to help many understand what the career is genuinely about, here are the truths behind the misconceptions surrounding event planners:

Anybody Can Do the Job of Event Planners

Misconception 1:

Some companies merely assign a group of employees to handle corporate events, thinking that anybody can do the task. While anyone can plan a gathering, only professional planners can hold successful, unique, and well-attended business events.

Professional planners have a background in events management, hospitality, or public relations. They have excellent communication skills since the job requires them to interact with different people regularly. They are also detail-oriented and skillful in organization and coordination to ensure that all aspects of the event blend seamlessly.

Event planners are also remarkable in multitasking, negotiating, budgeting, trouble-shooting, and keeping it cool under pressure. Given all these qualities, it is evident that not everyone can do this job successfully.

Event Planners Get to Party and Have Fun on the Job

Misconception 2:

While an event planner organised incredible parties, they hardly have time to enjoy them because they are busy working behind the scenes. They are the first ones at the venue and the last people to leave since they are in charge of preparation, execution, and clean-up. They can hardly sit for a couple of minutes, let alone enjoy the party, and have fun while managing events.

If you ever believed that a professional planner’s job is all about fun and partying, you will be surprised to know that it is regarded as one of the most stressful jobs in the world. Remember that event planners should remain sharp, patient, and on top of everything, particularly on the day of the event.

They need to deal with different temperaments, deadlines, and restrictions without letting others notice. Moreover, planners spend countless hours working to ensure that every event they handle is completed flawlessly.

Modern Technology Can Replace Event Planners

Misconception 3:

While it is true that modern technology is changing the landscape of the event planning & operations industry in terms of efficiency and convenience, artificial intelligence can never fully assume the complex role of an event coordinator. Keep in mind that more than the tasks of scheduling and sending out invites, planning events require creativity and personal touch – elements that no technology can do on its own.

Instead of having technology and professional planners compete, they should work together to achieve better results. Professional planners should learn to utilize the benefits of modern tools and applications to make organizing and planning easier.

The facts above clearly show that the job of an event planner is a serious business and practically different from how the profession is portrayed on screen. With the information you learned here, you will most likely have a better appreciation of your planner whenever you meet them at your business events.