Marketing has come a long way since its very beginnings, and technology fails to disappoint in discovering new ways to get brands closer to their intended audiences. In light of the role of social media in society, the platforms represent a promotion opportunity that you cannot afford to miss. Technically, not all marketing is good marketing, and your campaign efforts on social media platforms play a crucial role in developing your business in the right direction.

Social media campaigns enable the opportunity for open interaction between companies and their audiences, and how you choose to participate and represent yourself will have a consequential effect. There are many instances when managers believe their campaigns are simply lacking in idea or execution when it is an altogether different problem in question. Social media campaigns are the beating heart of every successful business, so if you are thinking about ways to boost your marketing game, here is how to create and track your social marketing campaigns.

Growing Your Social Media Numbers

Many companies rely on Instagram to promote their business, and using growth tools like Nitreo for attaining quick results can be tempting. However, you have to make sure any software you use cannot conflict with Instagram’s Terms of Use. In response to the advent and popularity of social media bots, multiple social media platforms have been vocal against the use of automation, with some even including it in their Terms of Service Agreement. Sometimes, even if not specified on official documents, the platform algorithm can identify particular actions as spam activities and put unwanted restrictions on your account.

Define Your Objectives

Starting with your goals in mind, you have to ensure that there is a way to measure your progress within a particular time frame. Whether your goals are boosting leads and sales, increasing engagement and retaining clients, or simply increasing brand awareness, the more specific your goal is, the more plausible your strategy will be. According to the objectives you set for yourself, you must ensure that the result you accomplish is relevant to your progress and not just an arbitrary achievement.

Social Media Campaigns

Channel-Specific Promotion Campaigns

Nowadays, people use different social media platforms for distinct purposes, and it is up to you to decide what that means for your social media plan. Perhaps your products or services are better geared towards users of a specific social platform, or you may find that curating different content for your social media profiles produces better results. Some social media platforms stand out with their set of unique features, so be ready to tailor your campaigns so you can better align them with current social media trends.

Content Calendars and Upfront Planning

Planning upfront is deciding for successfully sustaining your marketing efforts and opening up to new possibilities the future brings. Make sure your content calendar for all your social profiles is always ready at least a month upfront, and don’t forget to plan for important days and holidays in your campaigns.

Test For Different Buyer/Audience Personas

A/B testing is common practice in many areas outside marketing, but creating and testing content for different audiences can take your campaign game to a whole new level. We usually classify the buyer persona as either competitive, spontaneous, humanistic, or methodical, and you can specifically gear your approach towards one or several types.

Campaign Themes and Optimal Posting Times

You can brainstorm different campaign themes or focus a social media campaign around a particular period that happens to be specific to current events in your industry. Along with creating themed campaigns, it would do your budget a favor if you run your campaign in an optimal time window for posting that will get you increased interaction.

Social Media Campaigns

Competitive Analysis

Conducting your research to perform a competitive analysis should probably be a recurring event on your daily schedule. Keep an eye out on competitors in the industry and the channels they choose, the type of content, and how often they post, as well as the observable results compared to yours.

Follow Through With Analytics

Data never lies, and analytics insights can reveal a lot about the business structure and how its marketing campaigns can affect its outcome. Different metrics, like the click-through rate or the total number of views on a story, can provide meaningful information on the performance of your marketing efforts.

Last Thoughts

Whether you have years’ worth of marketing experience under your belt or you are just getting your toes wet, you must realize that you can never allow yourself to downplay the importance of social media marketing. Your efforts in creating and tracking marketing strategies have the power to transform your business, so make sure your social media campaigns are always working in your favor.