Understanding the Root Cause of Scratch Disk Full Errors


Is your Mac out of Storage? If yes, then there are a lot of things you can do to clean up that much-needed disk space. In most cases, you don’t have to delete your personal files along with the media. Here, from finding and removing duplicate files to learning how to utilize your Scratch Disk Space, we have highlighted all of it for you.

Scared, As it can be a little confusing?

Don’t be!!

Keeping in mind how much we love your creativity, we are all set to help you solve the scratch disk problem on your device. Keep reading, and you’ll know how to manage your device’s memory and reduce or even eliminate the frequency of such pop-ups or errors.

But, let us start with the basics.


So, before moving directly to the crux of the write-up, we will explain what a scratch disk is. A Scratch Disk tends to act like a hard disk while using the programs such as Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, Premier, Sketch, and more. Such applications need a certain amount of space to store files when the storage of the RAM is running low.

However, Photoshop or Final Cut Pro works absolutely fine when partitions are divided. Scratch Disk error appears when you work a lot with huge programs like Photoshop. Such programs consume your device’s space by creating a pile of temporary files.

Additionally, Photoshop also allows you to set the drives as scratch memory when your hard drive is nearly full.

What to Do When Scratch Disks Are Full?

When you are using your device, there is a possibility that you will be receiving the error pop-up. This means that you have clearly used up the space of your hard drive you assigned to be used as your Scratch Disk.

So, the problem with Photoshop is that it never gets rid of the temporary files, even when they are no longer in use. Such files can pile up in the primary memory. If you are unaware of the same, all the details are explained here. Once the memory turns full, you will be bombarded with those endless “Scratch Disk Full” pop-ups.

To clear the Scratch Disk on Mac, follow these steps:

  1. Open any of your designs in Photoshop.
  2. From the menu bar, click on EDIT.
  3. Now, hover over the mouse to open the sub-menu and click on the PURGE.
  4. You will see various options like UNDO, CLIPBOARD, HISTORIES, and ALL.
  5. Select the option you wish to delete or simply click All.
  6. Confirm and Click OK and Bye Bye Junk!!

Trying Something More

You can also try clearing the Crop tool Value, especially if the error pop-up when you are cropping a random image on Photoshop. Values in the cropping segment may be set to wrong numbers. For example, if you enter values in inches rather than in pixels- this can create a huge file that might trigger disk problems. Therefore, to prevent such a problem select the Crop tool>> options>> clear.

Wrapping Up

Lastly, make sure to remove the files you no longer need. For example, delete the . dmg files after installing the applications inside the. Always keep clearing up your temporary files by either moving the files to the required drive or deleting them permanently.