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Many people with groups or channels on Telegram are looking to increase their membership because they know that one of the most important factors in improving a channel’s credibility on Telegram is having many members. If the number of members is very low, new users will hesitate to join and prefer to go to channels with more members. One way to increase the number of members is to buy Telegram members. This article will answer whether purchased members can increase views or sales from Telegram channels. What is the best way to increase the number of Telegram members? Stay with us.

Buying Telegram Members from Member Selling Sites

A short search on the internet will reveal many sites that offer Telegram member purchase services in any quantity. But you should know that these members are not real and are fake. Fake members are created to increase the number of Telegram members and are non-real viewers who do not visit your channel or posts. These members do not exist and only have a fake profile.

How to Identify Fake Telegram Members

One of the common questions of most people who buy fake followers is whether fake members are detectable or not. Fake Telegram members have some signs that distinguish them from real members. These signs are:

  • They have unusual names and photos.
  • Usually, the members’ last visit dates back to a very long time ago.

Disadvantages of Buying Telegram Members

Some people mistakenly think buying members can help grow a channel or group on Telegram, but unfortunately, they are unaware of its harmful effects. Some of the disadvantages of buying Telegram members are:

Loss of credibility: The sudden and unrealistic increase in the number of channel members in a short period can attract the attention of your real members and create an unpleasant feeling in them, and this can cause them to leave the channel and the channel’s credibility will be damaged in the eyes of them.

Decreased view rate: With the purchase of Telegram members, the views of the posts will be much less than the number of members. Because the purchased members are fake and do not interact with the posts.

Deletion of fake members by Telegram: Telegram algorithms, like other social networks, are constantly being updated and becoming smarter. They can now detect non-real members by reviewing Telegram channels. When an algorithm identifies a channel with fake members, it will delete more.

Loss of Telegram members after buying members: Some member-selling sites claim that they will add 100% real members to your channel. Unfortunately, this claim is often false, and most members are fake. Although there may be some real members among the purchased members, these members join the channel for their interests and receive a fee for this. However, since they are not interested in the content of your channel and enter the channel to fulfill their obligation, they never have two-way interaction and leave the channel after a while, which causes the loss of Telegram members after a time. This is why Telegram member-selling sites do not give any guarantee to the user against the loss of members and do not accept any responsibility for it.

How to Increase Telegram Members in a Professional Way

With the disadvantages and dangers of fake members, the best way to increase the number of members of Telegram channels or groups is through professional methods. However, it is important to note that to get results from these methods, you must be patient and continuously continue your activities. However, if you do all the mentioned items together, you will get the desired result in a shorter period.

Creating attractive content: To have attractive and user-friendly content on Telegram, you should set a strategy for yourself. This strategy should align with the age, gender, and taste of your target audience and your goal of launching the channel. If your channel is a shopping channel and you sell certain products, your content should be in line with the introduction of these products to sell them. Remember, the more you can avoid repetition in your content and be creative, the more new members will join your channel, and the current members will be encouraged to stay in it.

Using hashtags: Many people are not familiar with the hashtag feature of Telegram or are unaware of its importance. Using hashtags, you can categorize user-oriented topics so that they can easily find the content they seek. In addition, hashtags can also be identified in internet search engines and direct some users to your channel.

Interacting with users: Try to interact with your channel members so that they can directly communicate with you or the channel admin if necessary. You can ask members to share their thoughts by including the admin username in the Info section or sending it to the channel. This creates a sense of satisfaction among current members and can lead to new members joining the channel. Because interaction is one of the basic human needs in today’s world, and one of the reasons for the presence of different people on social networks is to try to interact with others.

Advertising: Another effective way to increase the number of Telegram members is advertising. You can use Telegram channels and groups with many members that advertise for a fee to increase the number of Telegram members. By creating an attractive banner to introduce your channel, placing the invitation link under the banner, and sending it to groups and channels with many members, you can attract new members to your channel.

Sending bulk messages: Another effective and practical way to increase members is through bulk messaging in Telegram. In this method, you can send seasonal messages, such as New Year’s greetings, or informative messages, such as discounts and festivals, in bulk on Telegram. Manual bulk messaging is a very time-consuming and difficult task, so the best thing to do is to use tools designed for this. One of these tools is the v-User Telegram bulk messaging bot. This bot has various features, such as sending photos, videos, links, etc., along with messages, and can extract the username of all members from Telegram groups for bulk messaging.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does increasing members by using fake member attractions help increase sales?

No, because fake members do not have real identities and are only created to be added to Telegram groups or channels.

What is the best way to increase members on Telegram?

Given the disadvantages of buying fake members, the best way is to use basic methods such as creating attractive content, interacting with users, advertising, and sending bulk messages.


In this article, we talked about buying Telegram members and its risks. The best way to increase the number of members of Telegram groups and channels is through basic methods such as sending bulk messages in Telegram, which can attract new users and help your brand become more well-known.