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Being overworked and overtired is a frequent phenomenon in the corporate world. People who are stuck eight hours behind the desk and often stay after hours are no longer productive and satisfied. It contradicts the assumption of mental work. To have as good results as you can, you should properly organize your work. Here are some ideas on how to boost your work performance and not to feel exhausted after finalizing every project.

Set your priorities

Having much workload may be overwhelming, but with good planning, the sky is not the limit. Therefore, always mark the most important tasks and meetings in your calendar, ideally with deadlines. Then, you’ll be updated about all your duties and responsibilities at work, which you can accurately prioritize. Some projects are urgent and must be done immediately, whereas others might be procrastinated. It doesn’t mean you should forget about them, but rather do them as soon as you find the time.

Cooperate with others

To improve your work performance, you must also remember about active cooperation and communication with other co-workers. Teamwork is the key to success. Thus, learn to speak out about your ideas, but also try to listen to others’ concepts. Sometimes you need to compromise instead of arguing since the good of your company should always be put in the first place.

Stay focused

To be effective enough and stay focused all the time, you need to be well-rested. So, don’t forget about the proper amount of sleep and food. Firstly, you must meet your basic needs so that you can fully devote to your job. That’s why remember about your break to take your eyes off the computer screen, at least for a while. To find more about anatomy of a happy and productive office, reach for this educational infographic, provided by FaxBurner:

work performance [infographic]