Just like every other tool, Google also gives us the complete toolbox, including the backlink checker to work with without paying anything! Backlinks are actually very important. Previously webmasters and tycoons including Google were responsible for spreading the rumors about the relevance of content on a page rather than the link profile in the ranking formula among the SEO professionals, but this is a false rumor, and the truth is that the backlinks have very great importance.

It is very obvious that the more the search query will be attractive and competitive the more the importance will the link gain rather than the content itself. There are many factors that have made us believe that the backlinks have great importance and these include constant feedback that people get while promoting their business online and through many studies over the past years.

Why Do I Need Backlink Checker?

Why Do I Need Backlink Checker?

A beginner who has heard about this concept for the very first time must be thinking about the importance of backlinks checker and why do we actually need it so let us move towards the details of it. As we have mentioned earlier that the importance of backlinks is a great deal, but we must also know that why do we need to monitor these backlinks. Well, the answer is very simple if you want it that way! all of the backlinks are important, but that doesn’t mean that they all bring positive results so for the backlinks having bad traffic and bad ranking must be catered accordingly.

Bad Backlink May Penalize Your Website

  • You must be shocked to know that if you keep a backlink unchecked for some time and it is gathering bad traffic and ranking continuously then you can easily end up getting a penalized from the search engine itself, moreover they can stick your website off from their ranking and they can banish you for life and this is the least penalty they plan ongoing. So now you see the importance of backlink checkers!

Relevancy is Important for Backlinks

  • While dealing with backlink checkers, you must look for anchors. If you want to get a good ranking in the search engine and want your website to get a higher rank, then you must always look onto your anchor and organize it accordingly. If you start organizing your anchor in the right way, then you can easily direct traffic to their desired keyword, and you can also update the content accordingly. Your anchors must also be relevant to your landing page. If the resultant keyword of your landing pages different from the anchor, then you are in trouble, and the search engine can mark you as spam.

Tags May Not Matter Anymore

  • The second thing that you must do is that you must search for what tags do you have! Keep in mind that follow tags have a lot to do with giving you a spammer look so make sure you are using the right tags and in the right place accordingly with the anchor so that you don’t face any problem.

So you see these were some of the reasons that you need to check your backlinks!

Suspension of The Site!

For a person, especially a beginner who has developed a lot and has given his best in a web site and has worked very hard for it to work must always take care of these minor issues. You must know that your content worth hundreds and thousands of dollars can easily lose their value if your website gets suspended due to backlinks. Beginners often don’t pay attention to these backlinks, and they always end up losing their hard work without even tasting success.

You must understand that even if you don’t know about the organization of backlinks and have no experience in this regard, then you can always take help from online backlink checkers. They can tell you about the backlinks having bad rankings, and you can easily manage them or get rid of them.

If you have started a new site, then make sure you give importance to backlinks in the same manners as you give to updating your content.  we hope that you now have the know how of using the backlinks and how important they are!