When you are handling online documents in your everyday life, you must face their advantages and disadvantages. The benefits you can have when using an online document are immense. Hence, the continuous use of an online document is a must. However, the disadvantages of an online document can be solved by using an online tool like PDFBear. This article will discuss how you can merge your PDF file and the benefits of using PDFBear as your online tool as a all in one converter.

Getting To Know PDFBear

Handling online documents is so unpredictable you may encounter some problems along the way, and the best way to solve that problem is using an online tool like PDFBear. They provide you with different online tools that may correspond to the other issues you are facing. Hence, the overall usefulness of an online tool for your online documents.

If you visit and explore their website, you will be fascinated with the number of online tools available for your online documents. Some examples of this are Merge PDF Free, Split PDF Free, Delete PDF Pages Free, Compress PDF Free, Repair PDF Free, Edit PDF Free, Add Number Page Free, Convert PDF to Word Free, eSign PDF Free, Protect PDF Free, and more.

Every online tool you can find in the platform of PDFBear is available for free. You are not required to be subscribed to any monthly payments to use the online tools on their platform. However, there is still a pro mode that will provide a premium type of service. The pro more is recommended if you are handling multiple online documents.

The platform of PDFBear is comprehensive and straightforward even to the newbie in converting online documents. You can easily convert your online documents by following the instructions available on their website. Here is a detailed explanation of the instructions that are provided on their website.

Converting With PDFBear

Converting with PDFBear is one of the most manageable tasks you may ever encounter in configuring your PDF files. All you need to do is open their website, and you will be given various online tools. If you are new to converting PDF files, an option you can do is follow the specific instructions provided in each online tool on their website.

If you follow these specific tools, you can convert your PDF files in just four easy steps, which will account for about a minute of your time. Hence, having PDFBear as an online tool is helpful if you are in a hurry or do not have a piece of vast knowledge in configuring your PDF files.

Here is an sample of how you can convert your PDF files using the online tools of PDFBear. In this example, we will use the functions Merge PDF to walk you through how you can use the online tools of PDFBear. All the online tools are more likely to have the same step-by-step procedure. Here is how you can use their online tools:

  • The first step is to transfer your PDF file to their website. You can transfer your PDF file by uploading it to their system. One of the most used actions in uploading your PDF file is selecting it from your device storage. You can also drag them and drop them in their toolbox for a more unique and convenient alternative.
  • As soon as PDFBear recognizes the uploaded PDF files. It will scan your PDF file to be recognized by its system. Usually, you don’t need to do anything in this step and let the online tools of PDFBear do their job and start converting your PDF files. Sometimes you need to pick on specific options in this step of conversion.
  • The third step is to wait for the PDFBear online tools to complete the conversion process. Once the conversion process is completed, you will be provided with a download button.
  • Lastly, you can now download or share the newly converted PDF file to your preferred storage. An alternative action is saving your PDF file into online storage like dropbox and google drive. Saving your PDF files in online storage is recommended if you are running low with your device storage.

Security Features Of PDFBear

The security features of PDFBear are one of the most reliable and trusted websites today on the internet. It is their goal to make your PDF file’s conversion process secure and away from people with malicious intent. It rests assured that your PDF file is confidential even to the programmers of the PDFBear website itself.

One of the next steps that PDFBear made to keep your PDF file secure is deleting your PDF file’s data from their server an hour later you use their services. It’s recommended to make a copy of every file that is processed on their website. Hence, PDFBear is one of the most trustworthy platforms you can trust with your crucial online document.

Cloud System

If you are wondering if you need to download any tool into your storage to convert your PDF file, the answer to that question is NO! You don’t need to download any application into your storage because everything is processed on their website. PDFBear is using cloud storage to make your life easier.

This will allow you to use their online tools anytime and anywhere. To convert online, you need your device, document, and a stable internet connection, and you can start converting your PDF file. This is another benefit you should take advantage of when you are handling your PDF file.

Cheap And Efficient

PDFBear is offering a cheap service to every online tool on their platform. If you are only converting a few documents, it is not recommended even to purchase their pro mode. The pro model on their website is recommended if you need to convert multiple documents. You can also go with seven-day trial for their pro mode.


You will encounter various benefits and drawbacks in handling PDF files. It is undeniable that PDF files have a lot of benefits you should take advantage of. In terms of the drawbacks, you can use an online tool like PDFBear to configure your PDF files.