A Guide to the Microsoft E-Commerce Platform


Microsoft is a leading IT and digital solution provider starting with windows and Microsoft office solutions. On top of these popular solutions, the developers have consistently surprised users with incredible solutions.

For today, we will discuss the Microsoft e-commerce platform and how it is helping businesses thrive. If you are an entrepreneur in the B2B sector, you have probably been using other Microsoft solutions, and you know how reliable the company is.

This guide is for seasoned B2B entrepreneurs who know what Microsoft’s e-commerce platform is and newbies that are in the market.

What is Microsoft’s E-Commerce Platform?

This is a digital commerce solution software with B2B capabilities such as tools to enhance B2B account relationships, better purchasing experience, asset management across channels, order management, and a lot more.

Microsoft just announced the addition of B2B capabilities on their Dynamic 365 commerce solution, a move that has excited entrepreneurs across the globe. This Microsoft e-commerce platform comprises basic pillars that help it thrive and dwarf any competitor.

  • The cloud – We all know that Microsoft is a pioneer of cloud solutions. Your B2B platform is better if it is online because you can access the operations from anywhere and through different gadgets such as your phone, tablet, or computer.
  • AI – Artificial intelligence helps a B2B to personalize the services of a business through detailed data analysis. Since it is equipped with the right tools, you will achieve this with ease.

Capabilities of a Microsoft E-Commerce Platform

If you are new to this platform or other reliable ones that you can find on this useful reference, you need to understand the features and tools they have to help you make the right decisions. With the tools and features of the software, these are the capabilities you will enjoy:

  • Data analysis – Data helps B2B, among other businesses, to make better decisions. The Microsoft e-commerce platform is the right solution to gather, analyze, and store data to grow your business.
  • Making digital commerce easy – Any B2B that is looking for an easy way to manage its operations across multiple channels has found a solution with the Microsoft e-commerce platform. It is also possible to test new and emerging channels and management operations to improve your business.
  • Engaging customers – B2B is a business that provides other businesses with goods or services. They need to personalize their services to their different customers, provide convenience, manage sales promotions, and keep clients engaged. The Microsoft e-commerce platform has integrated with emerging channels to provide all of the above client engaging mechanisms.
  • Improve your B2B profitability – All that we have discussed is for the good of your business. Whether you provide goods or services to other businesses, the ultimate goal is to increase profit and grow. The Microsoft e-commerce platform will help your business in this line through streamlined operations, better business, and an increased customer base.


Apart from the Microsoft e-commerce platform, there are many other solutions for B2B organizations that are equally helpful. But this one takes the lead, so it is worth considering. Now that you have the right insights, it is time to make the right decision.