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What is Market? Find Brief Definition About Market.

In Latin, and more exactly in the term Mercatus, is where we find the etymological origin of the world market that now occupies us. A term that is using with great frequency in today’s society to refer to all that public site in which, on the established days, we proceed to purchase or trade numerous goods.

Example of what we have underlined would be the following: “Marta today is planning to have dinner at her house with many guests, so she has come to the market to buy the best fish and the most exquisite meats and surprise those people.”

The first marketplaces that appeared in the history of humanity had barter as the basic method. With the massification of money, other codes of commerce began to develop. In turn, the increase in production generated the appearance of intermediaries between producers and final consumers.

The economy, as it’s notice when deepening in the scopes and characteristics of the market.

Contemplates the existence of diverse classes of markets: there are some that are carry out to retail or retailers.

Others who are wholesale or wholesalers; some are know as raw materials, and there are others that are known as stock markets (stock exchanges), for example.

The Most connotations of the word that we are addressing. Specifically.

We are referring to that definition that identifies a market with the group of activities and commercial processes that are carry out in one or several economic sectors.

In this sense, we mention examples like this that we express below: “The agricultural market is currently experiencing a very complicate situation as its various products have been irreparably affect by the prevailing drought.”

The perfect market of perfect competition is achieve when neither buyers nor sellers can interfere in the last value of the product or deal exchange. This system is affect at the moment of the appearance of monopolies or oligopolies that fix prices by their own will.

Hence, we have to refer to a very common expression that uses the word that occupies us as an integral part.

It a black market, which comes to define the illegal or hidden traffic that is create of goods that not allow.

Or that not abundant and that can remain bought at prices different from those that exist at that moment in the legal market.

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