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The 21st century has seen new means of communication, technical and technological advances are accelerating globalization, now information can be transmitted almost instantly around the world. This phenomenon offers new horizons for marketing, new platforms to exploit, such as social networks.

The offer can then be expressed in new forms, borrowing new techniques. We will first analyze the characteristics of these modern social networks and then discuss the different techniques used to enhance the value of the offer.

Social Media Marketing Guest Post,Write for us, Guest Author There are currently 4.39 billion social network users in the world, which represents around 63% of Iof the whole world population. We cannot ignore the fact that this new platform represents a new communication channel with high potential. Facebook, Twitter, or Myspace are the perfect example of this new phenomenon of sharing life with friends, family, or even strangers.

In a short time, these websites have become an indispensable tool to stay in constant touch with the lives of others, those around him, to share photos, videos or links, exchange information, join groups and even receive offers job. It’s now the Internet users who create the information.

Social media marketing campaigns have the added benefit of attracting a large audience. A single campaign can appeal to both potential and current customers, media, bloggers, employees, and the general public. Social media sites often provide their metrics for analyzing the effectiveness of a campaign, but many third-party apps can analyze reach, customer response, ROI, and many other parameters.

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