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Product Management Write for Us

Product Management writes for us – Marketing, sales, development, service: their combined efforts ensure the success of a product. So that chaos does not break out with so many participants, you need someone in charge which holds the reins in hand. Here, you can determine what meant by-product management and what tasks a product manager has to perform.

What is Product Management?

Therefore, the product management will have to assume planning, controlling, and optimizing all products and services of one undertaking from conception to market. However, in short: a product manager should ensure the success of the products. To do this, he analyzes customer needs, creates product ideas, and continuously optimizes finished products.

Why is Product Management functional?

However, the US consumer goods giant Procter & Gamble learned in 1927 how crucial product management confidently anchored in the company. This year the company launched a care range called “Camay,” which surprisingly flopped. Sales expectations and market share targets missed. Therefore, the resulting analysis revealed the reasons: Internal conflicts, silo thinking in the departments, missing priorities and coordination of tasks, and the lack of customer requirements had doomed the product to failure from the start.

Consequently, a manager who coordinated all product-related processes and questions (internal and external) quickly led to the desired success. Therefore, product management was born.

Product management still sees itself in this tradition today. Therefore, acts as an interface between marketing, sales, and product development. However, the exact positioning can vary depending on the industry and company:

If product management sets particularly close to marketing, its core task is to market the product and market analyses.

About sales, product management partially takes on the reporting and also, develops product brochures, or trains the service department. However, development held in terms of technological advancement and implementation of valuable tools.

What is Product Management doing?

Even if the respective focus of the task areas can be very individual, product management comprises three core tasks:

1) Product analysis

Therefore, as part of the product analysis, the existing products and the market and competing products glanced.

About your product, different facets can remain considered:

Product components

Materials used some individual parts, weight, size, etc.

Product features

How does the product feel?

Is it easy to hold?

And also, is the design appealing?

Product benefits

What additional benefits does the product offer compared to competitors?

What is its Unique Selling Proposition (USP)?

Product portfolio

How vast (number of product groups) and deep (number of variants of an article) is the product portfolio on offer?

2) Product concept

However, in the next phase, the information obtained through the product analysis must stay used to generate a new product idea. Findings of

At this point, the actual product development takes place. The product concept itself includes the following aspects:

Product structure

What are the components of the product?

Product structure

Which raw materials recycled in the product?

Product features

What does the product do?

Possible variants / different versions of the product

In addition, “softer” product properties such as design and packaging must also stay specified.

At the end of the product concept, there should be a so-called “product roadmap,” which, as a visual timetable, combines the product vision with concrete steps for implementation.

3) Product optimization

The responsibility of product management does not end when the product is ready for the market. Because even if the finished product is already there, companies often want to protect themselves before they dare to launch it on the market.

That is why user testing regularly secondhand at this point. And also, test users receive prototypes of the product to test the application. In this way, it is exceptionally lifelike to determine whether the product fulfills the desired function, whether the design is appealing or whether there are hurdles in use that no one had foreseen.

If it turns out that there is still room for improvement, the product must remain modified accordingly. But even after the product has to stay launched on the market, the product’s success should, of course, be consistently monitored. Therefore, if it falls short of expectations, the process starts all over with a new product analysis:

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