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piecoin write for us

What is Piecoin?

Piecoin write for us – PieCoin is a virtual currency that occurs on a peer-to-peer network of computers. However, using the PieCoin system, anyone in the Sphere can instantly send and receive the virtual currency.

Why invest in PIEcoin?

For few weeks, the Persistent Information Exchange (PIE) coin is doing great. It has reached an all-time high of 588 satoshis, and the market kinked a little down. It was once an abandoned coin by the developers, but now the voluntary community is working hard to take PIE to the next level to complete all the projects.

Therefore, we are going to tell you why to invest in PIE Coin.

  1. PIE Coin is Cheaper :
    PIE coin is comparatively cheaper if we think about its future. Let everyone get a slice of PIE. PIE coin originally started with the vision of making it a currency for social sharing. Now, the volunteer community members are working hard to complete social sharing. So, buying PIE at the current price (70 to 90 satoshis) is too cheap.
  2. Being Listed in New Exchanges:
    However, PIE coin traded in four exchanges, c-cex, nova exchange, trade satoshi yobit, and cryptopia. PIE Coin listed in new sales.
  3. Working Hard on Updates:
    And also, Community people are working hard to get more and more updates in PIE coin. Currently, the major updates are going on following things.

3.1 New Updated Wallet :
Firstly, a new wallet is developed with unique codes for PIE coins. One of the old developers, PIKKU, is also working with the new community to help design the wallet, update git repositories, and many more.

3.2 Launch of New Website:
However, the pie coin community will launch a new website, www.piecoin.info, to update the users about all the information and provide updated wallet, block-chain, and nodes. As per the community, the Domain has already remain purchased, and the design part is going on, and it will stay finalized soon. And also, the new website of PIE coin might bring historical change in the price of PIE coin.

3.3 Master Nodes Coming Soon:
Therefore, if you check the PIE coin community WhatsApp or slack (link given at the end), the PIE coin community is planning for the master node for PIE coin. And also, it will completely change the PIE coin market and the price.

  1. Social Sharing
    Therefore, PIE coin started with the vision of social sharing. And also, real developers abandoned the project. However, the community developers are working hard to get every possible updates and development to take PIE to the next level. Similarly, they are continuing all the parts of the project, including social sharing. And also, in the age of the social network, it will change how people use and interact with social networks, and for sure, it will change the future of PIE coin holders.
  2. Developed by Public
    Since the PIE coin is being developed and continued by the public (community volunteers), there is the slightest chance that the coin will lose its validity. However, many coins starting by few developers, who began the project, sold the coins, grabbed the money, and left the whole project. The PIE is under control and development from people who want to change their future. Hence, the project will get to the apex point.

What is Social Sending?

piecoin write for us

Firstly, PieCoin is a virtual currency made for someone in the Domain to send and receive virtual currency instantly. However, people shouldn’t need complicated software or advanced information about cryptocurrency to get funded or send payments.

And also, PieCoin Social Sending makes it likely for people to direct payment directly to another person through social media.

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