Re-energize Your Digital Team – Get Out and About

For any team of digital marketers or, in fact, anyone that works flat out online, there is a strong possibility of growing tired of sitting in front of the same screen for eight hours a day. Such reliance on technology can also have a detrimental effect on communication, as colleagues rely solely on email and other messaging applications to converse with someone who might be sitting just two spaces down.

While it may be efficient in the way that it ensures that all correspondences have a written history, the lack of verbal communication can make for a torrid atmosphere. With little to no buzz in the office, because there is not much need to talk, it makes for a need to get outside of the office every now and then for colleagues to connect with one another.

Why Humans Need Interaction

Why Humans Need Interaction

Humans require social interaction to help maintain good mental health, with a study finding that those disconnected from others were as much three times more likely to die during the course of the study’s nine-year time frame than those who enjoy good social bonds. Social interaction also helps to avoid symptoms of stress, which can help to refocus the mind in preparation to either revisit a task or tackle something new.

Physical social interaction is what helps humans to better connect with each other, although that isn’t to say that we cannot form good relationships with someone online. There is still social interaction, but you are required to remain focused on a screen. When you consider the health risks that come with spending too much time in front of a screen without any breaks, encouraging colleagues to talk to each other away from the computer does have some positive business benefits.

The Need for a Change of Scenery

Many teams at work can benefit from a change of scenery, with an opportunity to get outside of the normal setting of the workplace lending itself to team building prospects. You might find that, when colleagues are outside of the workplace, they will leave their roles they have been assigned within the team at the door. This can allow for more junior members of the team to step up into more prominent roles in social situations, as well as in team-building events the team may take part in.

Small Workplace Culture Changes

This is because, in the workplace, members of the team may not feel comfortable stepping outside of their role whereas, outside of it, they do not feel as though they are confined to a job title. This, then, encourages colleagues to find a natural role within the team that can be taken over into the workplace given the chance. If you use an event finder, you can find a suitable activity for you and your team that can not only improve morale but also promote personal and professional development.

Small Workplace Culture Changes

While taking the time to get out every so often is beneficial, it still leaves you with days on end where your team is glued to their computer screen. Encourage a change of culture within the business with team members to get out at lunch or hold brainstorming sessions away from the computers with colleagues actively bouncing ideas off each other.

Small energizers do not have to come with a big song and dance. Where possible, encourage the team to communicate as much as possible and interact with each other. With this comes a good atmosphere and, ultimately, healthier and happier employees.