Digital Marketing Strategies for CBD Oil Company in 2020

In today’s digital time and age, everyone is going to the internet for almost everything; getting information, entertainment, banking, and shopping. Sellers and marketers use the power of the internet to make their products and services available to the online market. One product gaining online is the Cannabidiol or CBD oil.

What is CBD Oil?

CBD or Cannabidiol extracted from hemp and marijuana plants, is one of the 85 different cannabinoids with no harmful side effects. Unlike tetrahydro cannabinol, which is the main active ingredient of marijuana, CBD is non-psychoactive.

Why is CBD oil gaining online popularity

Why is CBD oil gaining online popularity?

  •     Legal

Hemp and CBD were legalized on a federal level in America in 2018. The approval of the Farm Bill Act resulted in a CBD market boom.

  •     Not psychoactive

CBD does not generate hallucination, euphoria, psychoactive feeling, or being “high,” since it does not contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

  •     Health benefits

People use CBD due to its positive effects such as pain and anxiety relief, relaxation, and sleep help, among others. It can be purchased nowadays from drug and health                        food stores, and even online. Its benefits make the CBD accessible and available in different forms like topical, patch, gummies, pills, drink, oil, or vape. CBD oil is for oral                    use while CBD vape oil or CBD vape juice is, technically speaking, for vaping. However, CBD vape oil is also edible, that is why some people take it in as sublingual                              drops.

How to digitally market the CBD Oil?

CBD sales will continue to increase in the succeeding years. Patiently utilizing the digital world in marketing CBD oil will give marketers a high return on investment. To be able to do so, follow the four  digital marketing strategies listed below:

  1.         SEO

Search Engine Optimization or SEO will enable internet visitors to find your CBD oil products and build trust. SEO is the best and fastest way to reach target consumers and potentially turn them into actual buyers. You want your website to be on page one when people search the internet anything about CBD oil. An SEO helps you make that possible.

  1.        Content

Create and grow content through articles, blog posts, and web content. Then, share these contents on different social media like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram to get higher traffic flow and exposure. Grow content. Compelling content can be created for free and can help you become a credible leader in the CBD industry. As long as your content contains the answers to the questions of your target consumers, your CBD products will remain attractive.

  1.         Influencer

Getting the right people to inform and campaign for your CBD oil products can help you influence customers to buy. CBD influencers and affiliate marketing can make your content get the highest level of engagements on social media platforms. These influencers are popular and have many followers across the world that they will give you the capability to expand the reach of your CBD brand.

  1.         E-mail

The electronic mail may be the oldest form of digital marketing, but marketers should not ignore its power to attract customers. Remember that people visit and open their email accounts every day. Thus, it is still one of the best and most competent digital marketing strategies through any online device.

Who should you work with?

To completely realize the benefits of digital marketing for CBD products, you should work with a team of digital marketing professionals. This team, dedicated to marketing the product, should be composed of the following people:

You may also consider working with an experienced CBD advertising agency that can help in the marketing of CBD products.

What NOT to do?

It is noticeable how CBD oil has invaded digital marketing when browsing online. To get and retain the attention of potential CBD oil customers through digital marketing, avoid doing the following:

  1.          Making health and medical claims

Though CBD helps people from pain and anxiety, never claim CBD as a miracle cure-it-all answer to health problems and illnesses. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will immediately go against any marketing campaign claiming CBD as a health and medical treatment.

  1.          Presenting unproven assumptions

Marketing CBD oil digitally aims to get people to buy the product for its benefits. Giving health advice to consumers is the job of doctors and medical practitioners. All testimonials and claims in your advertisement about CBD oil must be backed-up by reputable and trustworthy sources. Do not use anything that cannot be proven in any ad or promotional material.

  1.          Anything that is not FDA approved

Always make sure that all marketing efforts are within the bounds of laws. FDA does not approve of adding CBD to food, including pet foods, and dietary supplements.

While social media boost digital marketing tremendously, there are certain boundaries in using these platforms when it comes to CBD oil. So please make sure not to fall into these pitfalls in marketing your CBD products online.