Madden NFL 21 Review – What’s New in the Madden NFL 21 compared to the Previous Versions?

In our Madden NFL 21 review, we’re looking for the changes compared to last year. First of all, we believe in the test that hardly any innovations in terms of gameplay seem to stand out compared to the predecessor. After a while, we find that the developers at EA Tiburon are using the existing gameplay features as a basis for improvements. In other words, this thesis could be set up: “Madden NFL 21 is an update compared to the previous year.” Whether this thesis is also valid can be found in the following lines.

This Year’s Flagship

Last year EA Tiburon introduced the Face of the Franchise mode, which in my opinion is very similar to the player careers from the FIFA series, but also differs significantly in some passages. As in the last year, you create your own character and start your “career” in high school, and at this point, you have to pave your way to the US professional league, the National Football League.

The developers try to bring in elements that are familiar to us from The Journey mode of the FIFA series. It should let us as players immerse themselves more in action. We don’t want to spoil at this point and just mention that the story is about conflicts and influences in which your created character has to go to court with itself.

After all, he has to weigh up whether his career is more important to him than the end of the career of a competitor in his own team. To make this career even more impressive and realistic, many well-known personalities can be seen in this game mode. Starting with well-known journalists up to one of the most successful American rappers, Snoop Dogg.

In the Face of the Franchise mode, it is possible for you for the first time to participate in new positions (running back and wide receiver) as well as in two seasons in the league of your college. As in the previous year, Madden NFL 21 gives you a certain freedom to play for the Super Bowl directly after the college league with the selection of a team. You can also opt for a stopover and take part in the NFL Combine and, in this way, pave the way to a top team. And to enjoy all these features, buy Mut 21 coins.

Lost Potential

Your career’s design lies in at least in a certain way your own hand. We emphasize this consciously because, in the course of the Face of Franchise mode, it becomes clear that many aspects run according to a certain scheme and do not give you a free choice. Inevitably, you can only play the highlights of a season as a match so that this mode is automatically shorter.

Besides, there is a script so that in a certain section of the game, an injury puts you out of action, and you should then celebrate a comeback from the textbook. These sections come to the fore in cinematic scenes, which unfortunately also reveal the graphics’ weaknesses with regard to the face models.

There is a lot of potential in these game modes, and with the installation of additional elements and more freedom of choice, graphic weaknesses would have been easier to get over.

In any case, it is commendable that you can have a certain influence on your career through statements in interviews and press conferences. As known from FIFA The Journey, you have ready-made answers to specific questions, all of which can have a different influence on the game (both positive and negative). The positive influences can improve your skills since you can also receive XP points with the right answers.

Defending Made Easy

As already mentioned, the gameplay of Madden NFL 21 is relatively manageable, and revolutionary changes are sought in vain. The developers at EA Tiburon have put the focus on fine-tuning offensive and defensive gameplay elements and adjust the game speed accordingly. In this way, compared to its predecessor, defending should be easier, and the AI ​​should not be able to carry out overpowering attacks. Far too often, the AI ​​in Madden NFL 20 was still able to make our life extremely difficult with certain attack moves, such as “Dive,” without having a realistic chance of defense on our part.

More Skills Than Last Year

Compared to the previous year, it is clearly noticeable that with Madden NFL 21, it is possible to string together skills using the right analog stick. This way, you can run more effectively after receiving the ball. For the first time, it is possible to throw the ball to the teammate at the last moment with an opponent’s tackle. Such a pass can enable room clearance and lead to anticipation and thus to a successful counterattack with the clever AI in Madden NFL 21.

With Madden NFL 20, the developers introduced the X-Factor and Superstar skills for the first time. This year you will see significant improvements. Through specific player characteristics, such as ankle breaker, you can outplay and take your opponent by surprise. All of these exceptional skills can be unlocked by completing in-game goals, and also you can enjoy them by buying cheap Madden 21 Coins. The developers have made further adjustments to the AI ​​and the penalties for foul play.

Improved Presentation

Madden NFL 21 is designed to provide long-term motivation. It is therefore not surprising that you can look forward to XP points with every match you complete. With received XP points, you have the opportunity to upgrade your avatar and also unlock new skills. Outfits can be created using the integrated shop in The Yard mode. The developers are quite diverse here, as you can find all kinds of accessories, clothes, and curiosities here. With real money, you can buy Madden Points, with which you have the opportunity to buy clothes in the shop that cannot be unlocked in any other way. Unfortunately, in many matches, it happens that, despite the variety of outfits,

In terms of cinematic scenes, presentation, and overall game coverage, Madden NFL 21 has always been first class. Here Madden NFL 21 joins the class of the NBA 2K series in terms of intros as well. The improved atmosphere in the stadium and the audience’s chants can also be felt during the presentation. During the test, there were one or two texture errors that we can overlook in the overall context. Future updates should likely fix these.

NFL Digital Transformation

Digital media has transformed American football, as seen in Madden NFL 21. Teams, leagues, and competitions worldwide fuel their digital marketing mechanism through digital media flow management solutions, powering revenue-generating programs. Indeed, fan engagement campaigns have evolved since the time of the pandemic.

Every year, the largest sports event of the year conducts a big celebrity-filled marketing push. The Madden NFL 22 ad campaign introduces NFL viewers to ‘Madden Land’ with Patrick Mahomes, Tom Brady, and more, taking the year’s biggest campaign in-house.

EA Sports has embraced the power and influence of digital technology. The sports marketing calendar for “Madden NFL 21” plugged video games with big production campaignsresembling flashy Super Bowl ads. In recent years, DJ Khaled, Kevin Hart, Paul Rudd, and Nicki Minaj are just a few of the many stars who have appeared in ads in the past years, replicating mini-musical events to movie trailers.

Effective use of influencer marketing, social media marketing, video marketing, and other digital marketing campaigns continuously boost sports fan connection and sports business revenue. During the new normal, sports fans have learned to accept and adopt digital tracking methods and to support their favorite sports events and athletes, such as the NFL.


The American football sports simulation Madden NFL 21 shows a reliable test performance. Compared to last year, there are useful and, above all, good gameplay improvements. Madden NFL 21 is more comfortable to play than its predecessor, but in my opinion, it will still be challenging to make the new offshoot appealing to fans from the very beginning.

Madden NFL 21 is ideal for beginners in the Madden series. We like the game modes. The Yard and the Face of Franchise mode also provides a good variety. Besides, the franchise mode is a big disappointment. For some fans, the reasons for buying Madden NFL 21 could also be the free upgrade to the next-gen consoles. It remains to be seen whether there will be any further announcements from EA Sports in this regard by the time the next-gen consoles are released.


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