Investing a Money Counter Machine For Your Small Business


Investing a Money Counter Machine For Your Small Business – If you are running a business that handles large amounts of cash, money counter is a great investment. Owing to its high-speed processing, multi-currency functionality, banknote recognition functions and anti-counterfeiting tech, these machines will help you count the bills on a daily basis, and detect fake ones. In that case, investing in one will save you both time and money, and it will pay off over the long run. And since there are many different types of money counters available on the market, it is important to get one that satisfies your specific demands.

Different Influencing Factors of Choosing a Money Counter Machine

Basically, there are many influencing factors when choosing a currency counter machine. First of all, different client groups have diverse needs when dealing with their money. For example, taxi drivers tend to use mini-format cash testing equipment, while cash-in-transit companies use compact floor-mounted machines. However, as for the majority of SMEs (small and medium-size enterprise), no matter how large or small they are, they always use high-performance systems for processing cash sales and circulation.

Meanwhile, depending on your own needs, banknote counters come in various prices correspondingly. High-end counters are made from higher-grade materials so they are more durable.

The size of the banknote counter is another consideration when you plan to buy. For instance, some counters can hold as many as 100 notes, while others can hold only a few notes. You should ensure that the banknote counter you buy will accommodate the number of banknotes you need to count at a time.

Besides that, the ease of use of a money counter is also dependent on the user interface. That is to say, while reading reviews, you should make sure to consider the ease of operation of the money counter.

Diverse types of Money Counter Machines

In general, the basic bill counter is the most affordable option. You can also buy multi-currency money counters and sorting machines, although they are not ideal for all applications. Moreover, some cash counter belongs to multi-currency type, meaning that they can sort a variety of currencies, including non-USD type. These types of machines are generally programmed with different currencies in advance, and you can even purchase software packages for them.

Another model, namely the Mixed Denomination Money Counter&Sorter BCS-160. According to our research, it enables non-stop counting with 2-pockets, meaning that it will hugely save your time. Due to its diverse classification, you can use this machine to sortyour notes by its currency, denomination, face, and also orientation. It supports up to twenty currencies and handles excessive denominations with ease. If you are looking for a reliable money counting machine and have adequate budgets (1000$ to 1200$), you should take the Mixed Denomination Money Counter&Sorter BCS-160 into consideration.


To summarize, boasting its security, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness, a modern cash counter can process large amounts of cash at much faster speeds than a human employee and does so without losing count. Also, it can also perform multiple tasks at once, like checking the authenticity of coins and sorting banknotes based on criteria. Advanced money counting machine can even read banknotes’ serial numbers and identify damaged ones. So this technology is a must for every business, which greatly boost your business efficiency and save great time.