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7 Ways To Protect Immigrant Rights In USA

Due to the brutal tactics of the Trump administration across the country, the rights of immigrants are harshly compromised. You can see the unprecedented attacks on your immigrant neighbors.

Protecting immigrant rights by raising your voice and taking action is very important because you need to keep your family, children, relatives, and communities safe. You can also contact a visa lawyer if you want any kind of help regarding immigrant rights.

7 Ways To Protect Immigrant Rights In USA

However, there are many ways to protect immigrant rights in the United States of America (USA). Some are listed below:

  • Donate:

In order to protect immigrant rights in the USA, you must learn to donate. Your donation to the National Immigrant Justice Center can help those families that face separations. It helps fund life-changing legal services.

On the other hand, your donation can help families to get out of jail and reunite several families. Therefore, the donation is very important.

  • Stay Informed:

You need to stay alert about all kinds of immigrant’s notices and keeps yourself update on all notices regarding immigrant rights. This way you can take an urgent decision if the situation is not in your favor.

However, social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, etc., are the best ways to stay alert about the news regarding immigrant rights.

  • Know Your Rights:

Regardless of immigration status, everyone in the United States has rights under the constitution. On the other hand, there are various types of benefits that are offered to the people of the United States.

Therefore, make sure that you know all your rights so that you can utilize it in the near future. This way you can also share your information far and wide.

  • Help Free People From Immigration Jails:

 In this pandemic situation, many people are suffering from hunger or some basic needs, and also they are locked up inside their homes. Therefore, you can help those families by donating to NIJC’s emergency fund and they can reunite with their families, friends, and communities. This can be one of the ways to protect immigrant rights in the United States of America (USA).

  • Contact Your Members of Congress:

The US spends billions of dollars to divide parents from their children in a deadly and abusive detention system and locks up more than ten thousands of immigrants. This can be a very harsh situation for the parents as well as children because they are suffering a lot because of this coronavirus pandemic crisis.

Therefore, you can contact your members of congress because they have the ability to cut funding for ICE and CBP. Their taxpayer dollars should be used to encourage families and communities, not hurt them and tear them apart.

  • Volunteer Language Services:

The National Immigrant Justice Center gives legal services to immigrants from around the world. Even those who are not capable of speaking in English they can get the help of NIJC. Therefore, this way they can protect immigrant rights in the USA (United States of America).

  • Represent Immigrants and Asylum Seekers:

If you are a resident of the USA then you must protect immigrants from different countries of the world. The National Immigrant Justice Center is providing excellent guidance and support to lawyers who represent immigrants including families that were separated at the border, detained individuals, asylum seekers, and many more.

The Final Thoughts

Therefore, protecting immigrant rights in the USA is very important for each and every individual. You can also help the National Immigrant Justice Center (NJIC) by donating as many dollars as you can so that you can protect immigrant’s rights in the USA.


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