Finding A Good Proxy Server in the United Kingdom

Browsing the internet anonymously has its perks, and this is possible via proxy servers. But not all proxies are the same. Internet is not a safe place, and so you must use a proxy that can protect your identity fully.

To get the most out of a proxy, you need to learn a few things like how it works, what it’s able to do, etc. Also, if you want to access a site and make it appear as if you’re browsing from the UK, a good United Kingdom proxy is what you need.

Proxy Server — What Is It and How Does It Work?

Proxies, also known as application-level gateways, function as intermediaries between the client and the internet. They allow you to receive the data you’re requesting from a web server.

Two main proxy types are residential proxies and data center proxies. Residential proxies are IPs provided by your ISP. They use real IP addresses and are used by most proxy users. On the other hand, data center proxies are private proxies, which aren’t affiliated with an ISP.

A UK proxy uses a port, through which data is transmitted. For example, if you wish to access BBC Online, the request you send will enter a port, which leads to the server where the actual data is stored. The UK proxy will act on your request, depending on how it’s configured.

A United Kingdom proxy server is where you connect to request for particular services like opening a page and/or downloading a file. It hides your IP and identity from the web browser. When you’re anonymous, you can open sites that are otherwise blocked. For instance, if a website only allows access for UK residents, you can use a United Kingdom proxy to bypass the filter.

5 Things You Need to Know About United Kingdom Proxies

Being able to anonymously browse the web has many benefits. While we will run through the most important ones in this article, you can find more information on Oxylabs, so check it out.

Maintain Anonymity

Once you transmit sensitive information via the internet, your IP, browsing history, location, account details, etc. are stored by a server. Now, the main risk here is that hackers or unauthorized users can get into the system and steal your info.

A United Kingdom proxy protects your IP from the target server; therefore, your identity stays completely hidden. It also provides you with the option to reject all cookies from the websites you visit, so you’re protected from cookies built to hack into your device.

Filter Requests

You can use a United Kingdom proxy to filter requests from external websites. It lets you control the type of information the server will deliver to the user that made the request.

Typically, companies set up their proxies to prevent access by third-party IPs. They could also do the same to keep their employees from accessing particular sites.

Access Blocked Websites

There are websites in the UK that block IPs from specific regions. If you have a United Kingdom proxy, it will hide your real IP and make you look as if you’re connecting from England. What actually happens is that proxies can change your IP address to a different one and display the “UK Proxy IP” to the target server.

Track Internet Usage

A United Kingdom proxy allows you to save your browsing history. You’re able to monitor the Internet usage of all devices in your local network. If you run a business, this nifty feature will surely come in handy.

With a proxy, you can log the browsing habits of your workers, and scan the type of content they send outside your network.

Faster Browsing

A United Kingdom proxy server can speed up browsing and web content delivery. It caches websites you’ve previously visited; therefore, whenever you try to revisit those particular websites, the proxy simply retrieves the information stored from your past activity.

Proxies also allow you to block scripts and hide images on a website, making static web pages load even faster.

Wrapping Up

A United Kingdom proxy lets you access blocked websites and look as if you’re visiting the site from the UK. However, you cannot just use any random UK proxy. Some proxies aren’t configured properly, which is why they’re still vulnerable to hacks and intrusion by third-parties.

With free proxy servers, hackers and spies can spam your email or use your data to access all your accounts and information. Thus, we recommend choosing a paid proxy provider.

Paid proxies let you enjoy all the perks a proxy has to offer, with extra protection. They even enable you to stream Netflix UK from outside the UK and enter websites that are exclusive for UK users only. Furthermore, they won’t annoy you with ads plastered on each page you visit.


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