What is a COVID-19 “Long-Hauler”, and How Does it Affect Insurance?

What is a COVID-19 “Long-Hauler”, and How Does it Affect Insurance? – People who tested positive for COVID-19 and are still experiencing symptoms weeks or months later are called COVID-19 “long-haulers”. These are individuals who have recovered and are no longer positive for COVID-19, but who are still dealing with the aftermath of the virus.

The subject matter that should concern people is how health insurance is a vital tool of help. Primarily, Americans are concerned that their ongoing battle with COVID-19 will lump them into the category of Americans with pre-existing conditions. When it comes to enrolling in health insurance, having a pre-existing condition can make things a bit more complicated.

There is good news, however. The (ACA) Affordable Care Act also called Obamacare, banned insurance companies from charging people with pre-existing conditions a higher premium than their healthier peers.

This is important for patients with COVID-19 who are dealing with affects like:

  • Heart problems
  • Lung damage
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Ongoing illness

So what can these COVID-19 long-haulers do? Experts say they should make sure they enroll in an ACA-qualified health insurance plan in order to gain the benefit of the ACA protections. American’s may be tempted to enroll in a less expensive plan through a private website or insurance company directly, but they may not have the coverage they need.

ACA-qualified health insurance plans have more comprehensive coverage, which is important for people with pre-existing conditions. Another consideration is that some non-ACA plans exclude coverage for certain conditions, which can be a hassle. These plans also may not include prescription coverage or mental health services.

How to Avoid COVID-19 Related Health Insurance Nightmares

By keeping this in mind, you may be wondering what you can do to avoid a health insurance nightmare. As recommended by a top insurance agency in Beaumont, TX, it’s best to shop around and consider all ACA-qualified plans that are available to you. Using the Healthcare Marketplace can help you compare plans, coverage, and premiums in one place.

Every time you think that there is an issue that you will have to face with regards to your health insurance, you need to clarify the same. However, if you sit quietly, you stand the risk of losing out on many of the benefits and advantages that you could have enjoyed had you raised your voice.

If you already have an established doctor or hospital system, you should check and make sure that they accept prospective health insurance plans you are considering. If they do not accept your new health insurance, you may be looking at paying for out-of-pocket services, which can be very expensive.

Financial responsibility in terms of premium payments need to be considered as a priority. Not only will you be paying a monthly premium, but you will also have to meet a certain deductible before your insurance kicks in. Other payments might also be clubbed together. These factors should help you take an informed decision when it comes to insurance and payments.

Get Professional Advice Before Enrolling

Perhaps our best advice for COVID-19 long-haulers is to talk to an insurance professional before enrolling in a health insurance plan. Working with an insurance agent can safeguard that you have access to all applicable plans and that you also have access to any cost-savings methods, such as subsidies.

As a consumer availing insurance, you need to check for some important details that can allow you some additional time to enroll. For example, if you were on the lookout for a new profession, or would want to get married or even think about starting a family, you need to check in with your insurance provider.


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