How to Advertise Your CBD Online Market

The Farm Bill legalized hemp at the Federal level, but it failed to allow for advertising CBD products online. This ban extends to all platforms, including social media, but CBD suppliers quickly discovered they can get around the ban. They can market and promote their products without actually advertising them and remain within the law. The key to doing so lies, in making use of non-traditional advertising methods to get your message out. The following serve as four effective ways to achieve this goal.

Prepare Now

Facebook continues to impose advertising restrictions on cannabis on its platform. However, experts predict this will soon change, and businesses need to be ready when it does. This ensures the cannabis supplier can act quickly when they do lift the ban and cannabis seeds available from i49 and other suppliers can be shared with those who want and need them. Some companies currently advertise medical cannabis on social media platforms, as they have discovered creative ways to get around the restrictions. Now is the time to learn how they are doing so and take advantage of their tactics to your benefit.

Native Advertising

Native advertising allows brands to place their CDB content on third-party websites, often on a cost-per-click (CPC) or cost-per-thousand (CPM) basis. To use this method, the advertiser must make certain the content matches the form and function of the hosting website. This ensures the ad looks natural and meshes with the existing site content. Some platforms have restrictions in place regarding the type of content shared on the landing page, but this isn’t the case with all. Find sites that allow these ads to ensure you get the maximum exposure. Fortunately, native advertising targets those customers already looking for what the ad promotes. This helps to build a relationship between the advertiser and consumer and encourages loyalty and trust.

Sponsor a Podcast

CBD companies find they can work with independent podcasts to promote their products. Fifty percent of all homes report they are fans of podcasts, and 75 percent of men and women know what the term podcasting means. Twenty-four percent of these homes listen to their favorite podcast regularly, which ensures more brand exposure for advertisers, and 16 million Americans state they remain avid podcast fans. Benefit from this information. Partner with a podcast that targets your desired audience and watch sales take off.

OTT Advertising

Look into over-the-top or OTT advertising on popular streaming services. CBD companies find they can advertise on Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Chromecast, game consoles, Netflix, and more using this method. These ads mimic conventional TV ads in many ways but lack the restrictions placed on CBD products as they aren’t delivered on cable or broadcast television. More people benefit from streaming services today thanks to the time they are spending at home during the global pandemic. Experts predict OTT ad revenue will grow from 45 to 60 percent in the next decade. CBD advertisers need to get in on the game early for the best results.

Begin advertising on these platforms today to see great results quickly. You need to maximize your return on investment to grow your business, and these advertising methods allow you to do so. Pick one method and begin using it to see how it benefits your company. Once you see how sales increase with these methods, you’ll want to implement them all. There’s nothing stopping you from doing so.